Should this be in the joke section

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I can't see a problem with your highseats Grant. I'm hoping to make a couple myself, if the weather ever improves! My problem is I build everything too sturdy and then it gets rather heavy. :( I built a style recently, again a bit on the heavy side; but a least if anyone comes poaching in a Panzer Tank they will get well and truly smashed up on my little beach defence! :lol:


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hi grant,
can't see anthing to joke about, but your portable made me chuckle a little , cracking view from the seat and a nice buck too
carry on the good work


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Dont see any wrong in anything you are doing, and if I may say so the portable jobbie looks pretty good as well. After all the yanks sell similar models in their catalogues, and you only need to be about 6ft off the floor most of the time.

I built two seats with a friend about 2 years ago for my bit in Dorset. Made it out of post and rail tanalised. No problems and two made for less than £100 so cheap as well.

Nice Buck Grant, is that the norm for your area ? I have never shot a Roe in Cumbria, but the feed looks good from the photo.




Hi pheasant sniper, your right there is plenty of room. When I wrap the camo netting around it sit on my chair with some tinnies and let the sun eat its way into the cold chill, there is nowhere I would rather be.

Malc the portable thing works a treat. Its really quite stable. The ladder was £50, two 3 foot lengths of steel rod about 10 feet of 2x4 some marine ply and some rope. It might look stupid but no worries about a jerk climbing up it and hurting themselves other than me. :lol:

The buck is about par for my wood.

Its funny cos having read Richard Prior I had accepted the fact the the food sources were unlikely to support many Roe or indeed expect to see any good bucks. But things have turned out better than I could have hoped for. Was there again at the weekend and saw about 15 Roe and shot two. What little experience I had gleaned in the 5 years I have owned it went up in smoke. Saw two groups of about 7 each in the fields grazing and not in the wood and they were out even though the weather was shocking



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This time of year you will see groups of Roe consisting of all ages. I think with spring just around the corner, and the first flush of new growth particularly browse they are eager to take advantage after the lean months of winter.

Its always suprising how many Roe a small piece of ground will hold, and how little cover they need to survive. I have a modest area in West Sussex, and I have never been there yet and not seen deer. In fact two weeks ago I was on the ground taking a friend out, and we saw 11 Roe on three fields, and took one. From the photo you provided it looks a nice piece, plenty of cover and feed, and the buck in the photo looks to be a good heavy beast.

Let us know how your buck season progresses from April. The rut in West Sussex last year was slightly later than usual, and very short as well.

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