Available: Siberian Bear Hunting Trip to Russia

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Siberian Bear Hunting Trip to Russia


Choose the dates you would like. 4520eu (£4109.09 1.1) full package (see what is included below). Hunting season from 10.09

It is the Hunters choice whether they would like:
  1. Stalking
  2. 2. High seat
  3. 3. 4×4 hunt
Kurgansk hunting area, West Siberia, Ural border.

Hunting club has 200,000 hectares of untouched nature. Most attractive hunting game: Roe Deer, Moose and Wild Boar because the area is huge.

Russian guides prefer to hunt from vehicle and sometimes it is a ride for several hundred miles.

Stalking and high seat shooting is also a possibility.

3 Hunting Days, 4 Nights.


  • Gun renting. (It is important to note that taking firearms into Russia is often very complicated, so gun rental is advised. They have all kind of rifles, from Kalasnikov to Blaser).
  • Airport Transfers
  • Transvers during the hunt
  • One guide, one hunter and weapon rent.
  • Trophy preperation
  • Accommodation (full board)
  • All meals and soft drinks
  • Sightseeing tour City of Yekaterinburg
  • Bear
  • Trophy Shipment - CITES DOCUMENT - 300E
  • Alcohol drinks
  • Tips
  • Flights

Airport transfers 210.00e

Transfers during hunt 240.00e

Guide, hunter and weapon rent – 450.00e

Trophy preparation – 110.00e

Accommodation (including meals and tour of Yekaterinburg City) – 210.00e

Bear - 2700.00e

Trophy Shipment – 600.00e

Total – 4520e (£4109.09 1.1)

Depending on Hunting area and accommodation, price can be adjusted to max. 150e so it should be booked at least 4 months prior to opening season. Hunting season 01.09-31.10

Please pay your deposit of £500 and let us know which trip you’d like!
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