Siberian Roebucks

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Hi Beowulf a great animal to hunt, I have not done so myself as of yet but have friends and clients who have. The problems that have occured on several hunts is firstly overhunting, as the economy of Russia has improved people have more time and inclination to hunt and guns are cheap.
I dont know if the animals advertised are migratory in this area but I do know that where they are they are heavily hunted at all stages which has impacted on both numbers and quality.
Another problem has been the quality of the hunting guides some of who are more interested in the vodka than anything else and drive around the countryside shooting from the vehicles which some of our continental friends more readily accept.
Obviously this may not apply to this company who I have not heard of but as I'm sure you know research is the key and references are essential.
For your info my contacts have hunted in Russia and Mongolia and shot some good animals though they and the trip were expensive due to it being such a popular trophy.
Best of luck and if I can help please feel free to PM


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Many Thanks TerryC,
The exploitation part of the hunting is a real problem for me. I'd hate to think that I was contributing to the Russian Roe's demise. I may need to do some home work on this one. :confused:
Thanks again for the info, I will be in touch. :D
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