Sierra game changers


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Has anyone had any experience with the new bullets from sierra?
I'm looking into changing bullets and on paper they look ideal. Good bc. Good expansion
Just interested to hear if anyone has used them yet?



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Yep I originally thought of them as Sierra's version of the ELD-X but they actually appear to be a tough GameKing with a plastic tip and higher BC.


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Look like a good bullet to me.
Probably coursing much less meat damage than the Eldx.
This is a good review


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Ha ha. Not in a funny way.

@trucraft.... it is a good review, what you posted, problem is it is not true to the reviewer's actual experience. You can maybe consider why this might be the case, how could copy that is submitted to an editor have different conclusions to what is actually published in the magazine? What if there was objective criticism of the design as being too hard for New Zealand game that didn't gel with what the paying sponsor wanted to hear? Such is life when the advertising dollars from manufacturers and import agents govern the economic survival of your magazine / website.

When was the last time you read a bad review of a major manufacturer's products in a magazine or commercial website?

Sierra has made an almight farkup of this product's presentation to market. They are re-building their website right now and they have gone with the "Tipped GameKing" version of product branding, and the word GameChanger is little more than a byline. This has totally confused people as to what it is they are buying, because across the range of calibres and bullet weights the design of the GameChanger is quite different to the GameKing. It has a thicker jacket and a much tougher alloy core and designed to limit fragmentation.

If like me you hunt CXP2 game, and expect the same fast killing, fragmenting bullet performance like GameKing and ProHunter, you might get an unwelcome surprise if you don't understand these important differences.

(Both the GameKing and ProHunter only "harden up" once you get to .30cal 180gr territory... below this and they are relatively soft.)

To that end, please consider your fundamentals when choosing a bullet design, weight and velocity for the game animals you are hunting. The review posted above was done on goats - a good goat is heavier than a typical roe deer and a mature billy is a lot heavier, not far off fallow weight. In 6.5mm and 7mm (fast cartridges) the GameChanger was blowing straight through these animals... to quote the reviewer in a video "they require bone to work". What is not written in the review is that there were some spectacular failures in 6mm (6mm Rem), with both bullet blowup and poor penetration close in, and clean pass throughs with minimal expansion and wounding far out.

I wouldn't select this bullet in 7mm or above for any UK or NZ game species lighter than a premium lowland red stag, wapiti (elk/red hybrid) or sambar stag. And I wouldn't select it in any calibre below 7mm at all, for any of our game species. It is fair to say that the prevailing view in New Zealand is that softer fragmenting bullets kill light framed, thin skinned game much faster than harder controlled expansion bullets.

Shooting small game animals like roe, fallow or yearling reds, with heavy for calibre, hard 7mm and .30cal bullets, will usually result in the bullet expending most of its energy in the neighbouring county, and the bullet can be very unforgiving of any misjudgement of shot placement. And the information I have on the performance of the 6mm version has totally put me off.... very inconsistent.

The author of the review has been very straight up with me and others, he's good bloke and well respected. He has told me explicitly he will not use the GameChanger on light framed, thin skinned deer, and won't change from the ELD-X. If you want to contact him directly then PM me, or you can find him on other forums.

Anyone in a reviewer's position can find themselves between a rock and a hard place, trying to balance the privilege of getting first dibs on new stuff, hard earned through credibility, versus getting others to tell the truth about how they actually perform. True independence is hard to achieve.

Note also that no amount of googling can turn up more than two or three references to the GameChanger's terminal performance from last year's North American deer season. There are a couple of elk but that's about it. Now compare this very low number of reviews to the huge volume of ELD-X reviews published from the deer season following that bullet's introduction to the market. Now I spent a bit of time fact checking this statement, take it or leave it, but there is something mighty strange about how quiet the end users are on forums and other channels. Why this is I do not know, is it because the bullet terminals are failing and people don't write up their fails? Or is it because a few people are buying the new bullets because of their silly pricetag? Is it because the marketing has confused people and they don't know why a plastic tip could possibly justify paying almost double for what they believe is fundamentally the same bullet? If this is an attempt by Sierra to create a bullet that will compete with the classic "premium" designs, they've messed it up.


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I can only attest to all the dozens of gun stores and gun shows I visit each year in my little neck of the woods, but I think Sierra failed to put their new bullets on the shelf.

Hornady did not put all their ELD-X bullets out there, but they put enough of every caliber on retail shelves, along with good online testing results, loading data, videos and ballyhoo, to motivate reloading nuts to buy a box and try them. If a new bullet is easy to develop accurate loads, the hunters will next try it on game. Hornady did the ELD and ELD-X rollout right, and word-of-mouth ( much of it online ) sold the bullets for them. Sierra just botched a catch-up effort in every phase of the game.


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Cannot get them to work on my .243 , the 6.5 Creedmoor likes them but at a lower velocity than the game kings and the .270 well I think a powder change is needed for them . SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jury is still out at the moment , testing in progress