SIG SHR 970 Match or Howa Model 1500 Varminter



I'm in front of this dilemma ...after a long wait finally I’m in position to buy a new rifle. I found a SIG SHR 970 Match (second hand) at same price with a new Howa Model 1500 Varmint stainless (Hogue Full Length Aluminium Bedding Block stock) both in .308, heavy barrel....

I intend to use the rifle as all around (I don't care about the weight), roe to wild boar also for some long range plinking (500-800 meters) for fun.

The question is SHR or Howa?

SHR seems to be a better build but is no longer supported so spare parts seems to be hard to find ...Howa is more common , wich one is more accurate? ...more reliable?

Thank you

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That is a very easy question to answer. Definitely the Swiss Arms rifle. It will give you the option of changing barrel, and particularly will allow you to swap out for a lighter barrel. But i seem to remember the SHR 970 isn't actually that heavy anyway. The Howa is extremely heavy, and essentially limits you to shooting largely prone off a bipod. It is a good rifle and very accurate and used by many professional shooters in my part of the world, but personally i would only ever use one for shooting off a vehicle. Even by varminter standards that Howa is a particularly heavy rifle. Don't underestimate the importance of rifle handling. For most real world hunting, how a rifle handles is at least as important as how accurate and precise it is. Especially nowadays when you can find 6lb rifles that will shoot down around 0.5MOA straight out of the box.

I am suprised you want a heavy barrel for boar hunting. I don't know by what method you plan to hunt them, but generally hunting pigs occurs at relatively shorter ranges in heavy timber and shots are often taken quickly, off-hand at running targets. In this environment, a heavy barrel is a downright PITA. You want something that shoulders and swings like a upland bird gun, rather than a varmint rifle.
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Thank you for answer.
I know what you mean regarding boar hunting , here we hunt boars on driven hunts ,just like you say, you have a clean target only for few moments , 1-2 seconds sometimes , in this conditions a maneuverable weapon is the best choice , one with a short barrel fast reload times (smooth bolt or semi-auto) and good handling is the best for swing and intuitive shooting but :D i hunt more often roe deer and foxes then boars and most of my bullets hit paper or steel targets so i try to have an all around rifle but a little bit more specialized for stalking and for medium-long range shooting .
To be honest i don't like very much driven hunts , i participate to this hunts more to socialize (here in Romania at this driven hunts usually participate almost all members assigned to a hunting area members at the same club plus beaters and dog handlers , in a big hunt you can easy count more then 30 to 50 participants ) .