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Was out on my little pheasant shoot a couple of weeks ago effecting some electric fencing to keep the damned sheep off the game cover strips!! All I'll say on that subject is little blighters ~ you might imagine there were one or two other choice words sent in their direction when I found them eating my new sorghum shoots!

We have a nice little shoot with some big-ish blocks of woodland surrounding it that home to several Roe and hoards of Muntjac.

My mate and I set about our fencing and in our faffing about for an hour or so we set off three Munty's in the wood about 150 yards uphill of us and 5, yes 5 of them in the wood about the same distance below us. They had a real good shout until we packed up. Great! On the way out I stopped for a glass around in a likely spot and in 20 mins a Munty doe turned up from the long grass, turned towards me then dissappeared into a thick hedge, a couple of minutes behind the doe came a buck that dissappeared in the same spot. about five minutes later another small deer appeared out of the long grass onto a small patch of short grass on a bank about 200 yards away, another Munty? No. Look again, reddy brown, heaps of spots, a tiny Roe Kid! It must have been laid up in the long grass and taking a few steps before going straight back into cover. Couldn't see mum but the ground drops quickly away into a deep valley behind where I saw the kid where we quite often see Roe so she could have been out on there.

I guess this was probably quite a late kid. Is it usual for them to break cover briefly without mum being with them? I guess it was about as tall as welly boot at the shoulder maybe a bit smaller.


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No resaon it definately couldn't have been a Muntjac kid, there's plenty about. Most of the Muntjac kids I've seen that size though have a lot less spots than this one did and it didn't have that Muntjac gait about it.

If its that unlikely for a roe kid to come out on its own then I guess it probably was a Muntjac? Would be grateful for your thoughts and experience, im quite new to all this.


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Roe Kid

On Wednesday 9th I was in a block spraying off silver birch regen when the quad startled a young Roe kid about 5 yards from me.
I had previously spooked a doe in the same spot about 30 mins before so it is pretty likely this was her kid.
Chances are that your kid in question had been spooked by the disturbance from the Muntjac and was moving out the way.
The kid I saw would be almost knee height, had plenty white markings and was able to run like a rocket, although was not too good at direction and collided through a few bushes.
It will be interesting seeing just how the heavy showers and low temperatures of late impact on Roe mortality although it is surprising how resilient they can be with a bit of shelter and full belly of milk.
There have been reports of bucks here in Fife already chasing does but wouldn't say we are into the rut just yet.This cold spell will have probably knocked them back a bit.
Roll on the good weather, the Roe rut is one of my favourite times of the year!

The Mole

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I know the world hates a smartarse but - the suborbital gland (the one in front of the eye) is easily visible from birth on a muntjac fawn. Roe kids are identifiable by the two white spots either side of the nostrils (if you are close enough to see them and it has its head up).


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Nothing smart in that Mole useful thing to remember. Unfortunately I wasn't close enough to see that much detail with my 7 x 42's.