Sold: Sightmark wraith

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Another clear out item that’s just not getting used any longer. Absolute cracking scope good for day and night especially the last hour before dark
4-32X50 digital day/night rifle scope

1080p HD digital imaging
Day time colour mode
Night vision mode
5 weapon profiles
ect ect

standard and reached back mount

no longer have the original ir but works better with an aftermarket one
So no ir with the sale.

Direct message is usually best contact as it pings in my emails.

wabbit warren

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love it on my .223 mainly used at night foxing. its so simple to use and a great pic.
ive shot foxes off sticks past 200yds with the wraith HD
blinding bit of kit. i think its better than the 4k because of the rail mount on top not on the side
it helps to keep the rifle set up balanced better
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