Sika Haunch- Sweetheart Stout


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Got a Sika Hind the other day, now it only hung for 24 hours, I know some will say that this is a sin but the meat was very tender indeed.

The carcass got professionally butchered by a Buddie, and returned to me.

The haunch was not frozen either, placed onto a large casserol dish/pirex dish and was poured over with a good old couple of pints of Sweetheart Stout, left to soak with frequent visits up untill bet time to spoon over a couple of ladels of stout, sat overnight in the fridge, in the morning another couple of ladeling sessions then placed into the oven at 180'C and left to cook for 3 hours, ladeling every half hour or there abouts.

Perfect, the meat was not to strong, the Stout gave a very pleasant gravy base and the meat basically melted in your mouth.

First time done like that, will do it again for the other haunch.



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sounds nice il be try it this week but with Guinness ,most lads hang deer too long 2 or 3 days for a sika calf or yearling is fine with jackets off .