Sika in Co.Kerry

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Hi Sika,
That second beast showed hardly any reaction to the shot. What calibre were you using, did you find it, and lastly where was the strike?
I have no experience of Sika, I heard they were tough, but that Stag hardly flinched!
Kind regards, and thanks for posting,
Well mark
That stag only made it 20yards in to the tree line and was hit right behind the shoulder into the lungs
i was using my 25-06 with 100 gr nos ballistic tips and the shot was 220yards across a valley



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Thanks Wayne,
they are one tough beasty! Thanks for taking the time to reply. I would have been less than confident of finding that one judging by the lack of reaction. Is that normal, it hardly seemed to notice the impact at all.
A big sika stag in the middle of the rut, you will never be able to predict how they will react.
it could have been becouse there were other stags around and he was a bit pumped up because of them that he didnt react


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Well done Wayne. I hate it when the buggers run like that,they are without doubt the quickest corpses I have ever seen :eek:

I've seen them go from being shot to top speed then dropping dead within 15 yards, remarkable animals.

Thanks jayB
ive got a few more but i just need to up load them
and hopefully ill be able to get a few videos this weekend when im out
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