sika stag


i shot my first sika stag today and i was wondering if it was a gold medal it has 8 points the left antler is 41.5cm the right is 43cm the span 59cm i'm quite new to stalking so can someone help please :oops:


as soon as i work out how to post them i will put them on here unless i can e-mail them 2 you and you put them on for me :)


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Photos post photos - e-mail then to someone they will get posted. Welcome to the world of Sika Stag, well done.



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Hi bartman.
You can roughly measure your stag head yourself by the `simple mode`.

For this look for the shortest main beam, the shortest brow, upper and rear tines, the thinnest lower and upper beam circumferences, multiply the aggregate of these items by two and add the inside span measurement taken at its widest point.
This will give you the score.
The true C.I.C. formula compares each detail with each other and ends up with the lower measurement each time due to the `difference` factor.

Medal Ratings, Jap. Sika :-
Bronze, 225-239.9 C.I.C. points.
Silver, 240-254.9 points.
Gold, 255 and above.


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As requested, here are Bartmans photos. Nice Sika!



I believe there are more to follow.


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And the notice on the plastic bag reads:- Danger of suffication, Please keep this bag away from small children and Sika Stags!

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Looking at the dimensions of the Gold Medal stags recently published in Shooting Times I would say that you have a very good chance of that being a medal but to make gold the antlers would probably have to be over 50cms on both sides.

Nice stag whatever and it's the experience as much as the points that you will remember.
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