Sika still in winter coat.


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Hello all, yesterdayI stopped just outside Inverness and watched two Sika hinds along with their fawns feeding on the edge of a wood, nothing unusual.
Except that both hinds were still in complete winter coat, yet all the others Iveseen at this time of the year are in full summer coat.
Anyone shed some light on this.


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These hinds were in full winter coat. In the past week I have seen at least 30 hinds in full summer coat not more than 40 miles from where these were.
To me it seems strange and I have not come across this in the past, but my knowledge is not great on Sika so I asked.


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I was out a couple of weeks ago and saw 2 in summer coat and one black one. We do seem to have a few that don't 'change'

Mate says we have 2 sub-species on our ground but I could not find any reference to that at all.

So none the wiser, but intrigued


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There are certainly sub species and I believe it was the Kerama one which stayed black all year. In the Borders Area it is not unusual to see glossy blackish coats on some animals in Summer. This allegedly stems from the introduction of a stag from Whipsnade into the original park at one time, which was a Kerama stag.
Very similar to Fallow e.g. Menil or common doe black fawn or vice versa.