Sika Venison price


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Our dealer has recently dropped to £1.90 as supposedly there is less of a demand for Sika. Fallow and Roe have stayed at £2.20.

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Thanks for the replies. I asked someone why Sika was lower and was told there is a stronger export market for Roe......


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Yet we keep hearing we import venison from NZ and that it’s in constant demand
Yet get paid a pittance in many cases
And often here of dealers in certain times not taking it!!!!

What gives ?



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We should form a consortium .Do away with the middle man and supply direct .There is enough knowledge on here regarding regs and know how to set up something to benefit everyone surely .
Our chap in Dorset will take as many as we can supply for £2:20. /kg but actually paying up is becoming a **** take ..


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Please explain the more wastage for lower body weight unless you mean skinny animals .
I think it's because the bones in a smaller animal weigh proportionatly more than they do for a larger animal. So, in terms of how much meat you get versus how much they've paid, it's better to take adult animals. Also why they like head shot animals as there's no carcase damage leading to less waste.


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One positive about lower deer prices is that it deters the "get rich quick brigade" and cowboys! I can remember in the 90's when carcass prices rocketed and there was a lot of poaching and indiscriminate culling as a consequence. Deer management versus wallet management, i know which side i am on.