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So I love the look of sika skins and thought it a great waste dumping them.
A couple of years ago I tanned a Boar hide myself using K Tan, it turned out ok.
I decided to tan some sika hides, but using raw chemicals not a kit. I did three hinds for trial and I was pleased with the result, but learned from Errors.
This time I did a full size winter stag skin and to say the hard work was worth it is an under statement, its a stunning soft leather rug and is as good as any of my many African rugs..
I must clearly state this would not have been possible without some very helpful advice from Malc, sikamalc.DSC01556.JPG


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That looks superb - when you have a chance could you describe the process you’ve used as I’m going to have a crack at a fallow one day & would appreciate knowing the best way to do it...


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Yes also interested, please can you share the details of the chemicals you use, and also the process.

I hate throwing out a good hide. I used diesel and bicarbonate of soda for a few, and got some great results. I then got lazy and was sending them to Devonia, (with excellent results). Now Devonia have closed the doors to deer hides, I will go back to DIY again.