Silenced 410 or semi 12g?


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Chaps, I was planning on picking up a Hatsan semi or the like for pigeon / squirrel and general closer range vermin blatting but the thought occurred last night that a moderated .410 might be a far better option?

We have innumerable squirrels which get the occasional 12g wake up call, but obviously after both barrels the rest have long since scarpered hence thinking a quiet .410 could be a cunning option.

Any thoughts / ideas?

The tramp

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I have a moderated 410, and it's great for squirrel control. Though I don't use the 3" subsonics as I find the 2 1/2" lylvale are as quiet, but cheaper.


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Mossberg 500 .410 hushpower pump? 3 shots so you can get a follow up on the next one quick, also very quiet with 2 inch and 2.5 inch carts. 3 inch subs are not as quiet. its not as quiet as a Baikal single barrel due to mod length but still quiet. also sometimes you can find them with a mod barrel and a un moded barel as a set. i had one for a while the px'd it for a 12g semi, silly mistake as wish i still had it for pigeon roost shooting.


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The only bugbear with the pump is I'm a leftie, hence considering the Hatsan as it can be had with LH exit. I'll have a look and see if the Mossie can be supplied for southpaws.
I used to use a .410 for rabbit and squirrel before i very recently got my .22LR conditions changed.

mine is a hammer action single barrel and i felt it worked perfectly for the job, light easy to carry, quick target acquisition, you always bury straight into the right place in you shoulder because you know it wont bite you. I have slipped several discs in my back had surgery etc etc boring sob story and my wallet complains before my back does. having a moderated (not silenced because you can still hear it) would be a great shout. just because it is a .410 doesn't necessarily make tree shots on squirrels safe you still want 300m clear behind if you are going to do that (from what i remember on RCO course) air rifle is still the best shout for that.

I know a couple of people with Hatstands and they are nice guns, the beauty of shotguns is the ability to lend, try both see what works Worcester isn't too far for me for a round of clays with a like minded shooter and your welcome to try mine.

The other benefit that "pinguisgod" showed me over Christmas is you can **** a lot of people off at a clay ground by breaking high pheasant with one that some struggle to get with a 12bore :D



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That's very kind! I'm away for a few weeks but may well hit you up when I return.

I have a .22LR for rabbits, I've just always been reticent about pointing it upwards, hence the shotgun alternative.


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I use to use a 177 air arms s410. Almost silent and very accurate. My dad was a game keeper and the squirrels made a mess of the feeders. I just sat 30 yards from the feeders and picked them off. After a couple of weeks effort they became short on numbers.