Simmons whitetail classic


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I have one on my rimmy and optics are better than the price might suggest, but I am not brave enough to put it on a centre fire rifle.

It could work out a very expensive scope if it went tits up during a stalking holiday. :(

crap!! its free anyway so how bad ha ha! i was gonna buy a burris 4.5 -14x-42mm Fullfield II Rifle Scope online before i found out about the simmons,should i buy the burris anyway and sell the simmons???


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Which part of my post was “crap” if you did not want a opinion why ask?

Do you want a constructive explanation of my post, or shall I just save my time and your time and go and watch the T.V. instead.



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Mis-understanding there then. :oops:

Ok I will explain myself if your stalking is only 5 minutes away from your home (like mine now is.) then if your scope lets you down it is no problem and in really I think that there is a 90% chance that the Simmons will be just fine. :D (When taking recommendation from our US cousins remember that in some states the rifle season is just one month long, :eek: our roe season in Scotland is 12 months long for example).

But if you have to travel to your stalking then things are some what different. I used to travel 450/500 miles round trip to go stalking. So lets say you have a couple of days off work to go stalking and your scope goes tits up on the first stalk, and you have to come home to fit another scope re-zero your rifle ect.

So fuel lets say £75.00, accommodation one night £27.00 two days wages say a min of £150.00, ammo to re-zero £18.00 then that scope has cost you £270 because it let you down. It could be a lot more if you were going red stag stalking and woundered a trophy stag, some estates charge for misses and then charge a min of £25 per hour to follow up with a dog. That’s what I meant that it could work out expensive scope, and I was not brave enough to buck the establish advice of spend more on you scope than on your rifle. :???:

Hope that explains my opinion. :lol:

cheers mate, whoah thats seriously committed! i dunno if its different here in ireland than england but we just get permission to shoot off farmers who have deer registered on their land,our seasin is open from september to the end of january, we only have sika red and fallow deer here so no open seasons :( the farmers usually pay the stalkers for their ammo and sometimes fuel for shooting their deer here so its not too bad, back to scopes, do you think the burris or the simmons??? im only around 30mins drive away from my shooting lands......


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I will probably be flamed for this, :rolleyes: but I am sure the Simmons will be fine, just get out there and grass them deer. You get ammo and fuel money to go shooting deer. :eek: :eek: :eek:

I went shooting with my mate to his place last week, we left his ground at 3.00pm and I got home at 10:30pm and he did’nt get home until 2.20am. we did have problems with a road being shut ect to be fair. :???:

Oh I have traveled 1/2 way round the world for a bit of stalking, only a 24 hr flight. Dedicated you bet. :evil:

All the best Thar.
good stuff, i hope to go to friends and family in canada next summer for a fortnight of hunting,should be fun! all free to boot! cheers for the info a chara(mate in irish)!il give the simmons a go...


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White Tail Classic


I have a WTC in 6.5 x 20 x 50 on my 22-250, my M8 has a similar one on his 223. Excellent for foxing and mine was brand new in box for £100 delivered from USA.

i would rather have a brand new simmons than someone elses second hand stuff.

I have 3 simmons scopes, a Leupold, Zeiss and Docter so I know a good scope form a bad un. The Simmons are fine and much better than you would expect. they come with a lifetime warranty so if it screws up take it bakc and they will give you a new un. I have never had any greif with my other simmons and my oldest is 7 years old 44Mag and was on the 22 centrfire previously, I only change it because I wanted a new long range gadget. The other is on my 10/22 rimmy.

Not German quality, but nether is the Leupold. Much better IMHO than the other budget scopes out there.

308 :p


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Ive got to second what 308 has said! Ive never owned a WTC but had a Deerfield on my 308 and it is a great scope! I now dont have my 308 but I have put the Deerfield on my rimmy. I had a swaro and hated it on my 243 so I punted it and have replaced this with a meopta which personally feel are cracking scopes. Tiny personly I dont think cost is an issue if you like it get it, you might try the simmons and hate it but 1 thing Ill say is until you try it you wont know.

cheers guys, i have the wtc on my .223 and am having absolutely no problems with it, fitted a burris fullfield 2 to my 6.5, cant wait to take it out after some fallow come september..