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Going to make myself unpopular I think!

Having read the article in the latest BASC mag which extolls the virtues of laser shooting together with computer analysis shot-by-shot I wonder if they are not paving the way for the antis to succeed in banning all shooting sports.

Don't know if you are aware of this, but present-day military and airline pilots are (legally) trained partially on simulators. Drivers also in some countries and the H&S crew agree with and allow this.

My point is that our governments, whatever their political colour, are only interested in control by legislation or administrative action.

How difficult would it be in "modern" PC Britain, for the HSE to propose a ban on "real" shooting when the virtual alternative is being pushed by our "own" organisation. After all, there is real risk in our sport, because we do employ a projectile.

Yes - I am paranoid - but that doesn't mean they are not out to get me - or my sport!

I have hesitated to post this (thanks, paranoia) but would value comments.



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I think it is a valid point and one that should be raised. Anything that has the potential to impinge upon our sport in any way should be flagged up. I think I had better go and read the article now, see it's working already.

I'm not to sure about a simulated roast saddle of Sika though. :D



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I agree things could go the wrong way with this

But i also think it may have its place

It all boils down to how it is managed, so may a large org like BASC or one of the other large shooting / hunting org should start to run with and develope it's place, in our modern world.

I have been leaning to fly for some time now. (you think stalking can be expensive )And i have seen how simulation can help, in learning to do things that would other wise cost a fortune to learn.

But nothing can prepare you for the seat of the pants sensation of the real thing.

No computer could compete with deer instinct or our knowledge in how to stalk them (successfully or not ,as is often the case)

If they try to ban shooting in real time what next . who knows, maybe cyber sex only as a way of reducing Aids... lol



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I read somewhere that a group of people were asked 'If a robot was invented that you could have sex with would you want to have sex with it'? 90% of the people polled said yes! Filthy little 'modem fornicators'. It would serve them right if Metal Mickey ripped it off!

Anyway as a training aid it is good but I still prefer the real thing, stalking that is, not robot whores . :lol:


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Bit the same as computer games really to me (not that I use them, wouldnt know how and not interested) but it will never compare with being out in a wild environment and the adrenaline either. I can see that some people LACS etc might try to push for this, but then at the end of the day who is going to control and manage the deer :eek: and vermin, playing with a computer will not achieve this.

But I agree its worth keeping an eye on it, its probably another money spinner for BASC.


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Don't know if you are aware of this, but present-day military and airline pilots are (legally) trained partially on simulators. Drivers also in some countries and the H&S crew agree with and allow this.

Yes you are correct.

For a number of reasons.

Please PM your number and I will be more than happy to explain why the present-day military train the way they do.


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Hi all,

It is a very interesting product that I have tried out. It is quite widely used in N Europe and there is also an outlet in Ireland that uses it. It is very useful for clay pigeon shooters in particular; when you have shot ,it gives you just about as much info as you could possibly hope for including where your muzzle was pointing as you address the target, moved towards the target, when you fired etc.

It is the sort of thing that can very quickly identify problems that you may have, such as shooting high, low, behind, stopping on the shot, addressing the target too high or too low. It can also identify which targets you have bother with. All of which can then be worked on both with the simulator and with a coach. I agree that ultimately nothing can replace shooting at a real target with a real gun loaded with live ammunition!

I cannot see this being used as a weapon by antis at all, after all clay pigeon shooting and simulated game shooting have been around for years and no one is seriously saying that this is going to be used to thwart live quarry shooting.

What this project is all about is increasing the skills of the shooter, something that I am sure we will all support and is also one of BASC’s key objectives.. If we are shooting targets we want to get the best score possible, if we are shooting live quarry we want to keep wounding loss down. BASC’s involvement is working with the supplier and shooting grounds to see if this product is of interest to UK shooters

This is not a money making exercise for BASC – we are simply taking the system around to several shooting grounds to let people have a go with it, we also hope to have it on the BASC stand at the Midland Game Fair. If a shooting ground buys the product then I bet they will charge for people to use it, but none of this money comes back to BASC.


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Thanks for that.

Unfortunately many of our offices do not have the land to offer this. Our Midland offices does potentially, but the land we are on is up for sale at the moment so not sure what the future holds.

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