Single antlered roe

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Buggered if I know how to insert the image, but worth following up the link. Perhaps there's someone out there who can paste the pic?[/img]

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Thanks Jerry - glad someone out there knows what they're doing. Great story - wonder if he'll ever become a 3 pointer?


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single antlered deer

this is the curious skull of a single antlered roe deer i shot a few years ago. it may have been a unicorn


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Swampy that looks suspiciously like a Narwhale tusk with another extra one growing out of the skull :confused:

I didnt know you had stalking that far north :eek:


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I think that they had a white Fallow Buck at Bradgate Park in Leicestershire that had a single spike in the centre of its head. The Rangers wanted it culled out but the local press got the story and had the cull stopped. As I understand it, in the end the rangers had to dart the beast and cut the spike off and debud it like a cow to stop in growing next year. Once the 'hoo har' had died down the little unicorn just disappeared! :eek: :D ;)

Imagine the damage it would have done in the rut! :confused: