Skinning Muntjac


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Ok lads and lassies,
A munjac fell over a couple of weeks back and it hung in my chiller (thanks to Hog) for two weeks, hoping that this would make the skinning easier. However, to do a good job still took over an hour and resulted in two blunt knives and sore fingers.
I usually start with the haunches, then shoulders, then try to peel from the flank round to the other side.
I know a local game dealer just takes the haunches and chucks the rest, but I feel it is worth using all the meat available.

Is there anyone out there that can advise on how to do a good job and cut down the time.


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I have found that it is alot easier to skin any deer whilst they are fresh ( if it is practical ), including munties and they skin alot easier if hung by the lower jaw and are skinned down to the haunches. Try it you might surprise yourself and other than making the initial cuts you have to use a knife very little, just keep pulling.


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I have skinned a lot of Muntjac over the years, and the short answer is there is no easy way to skin the little buggers. It is the only deer that requires every piece to be cut off.

However, you will find it easier to skin them warm, definatly not when they have hung for some days and are cold. Also if you cut them down the back of the hind legs, and up to the anus following the hair line between the brown hair and white, take off the skin from the hind legs, then hang the beast up through the hind legs on a bar, you will find it alot easier to then skin and partly pull off the skin.

This is the way I have skinned them for full mounts for taxidermy purposes, and it is the easiest way, Believe me !!

Best of luck.


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you will never make that mistake again,:lol:
skin the darn thing when warm as once these little buggers cool their hide sticks like s**t ,as for best method it is all trial and error as what works for one may not suit the other but starting from the haunch and working down with a knife and using my fist to push from the flanks around to the saddle works okay for me


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I must agree with Sikamalc and Stone. Its much better (IMHO) to skin them from the back legs working towards the neck end, whilst still warm. I cut the skin on the inside of the four legs and peel back to let the air in. I don't rush myself as I think that letting the air in and around the carcass helps alot. I just put some music on have a tin of beer or two and relax into it. It could be worse, you could be skinning sqiurrels! :eek: :eek:


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Definately do muntys when there warm as its much easier. The skin seems to weld itself to the little buggers if its too cold.
I always work from back legs down as i do with any other deer & find its a lot easier.
Im not sure if its just me but the muntjac i shoot in norfolk seem alot easier to skin than my local midland ones.
Must be all that bitter they drink here or something :D


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Hi guys,
:idea: I can't vouch for this, but i saw it done by and Italian guy doing a roe last year. Pinch up some skin on the spine, about half way along the back. Run a knife around the animal, so you effectivly have a jacket and trousers. Peel the skin back a few inches, then one guy pulls at the waist of the trousers, while another tries to pull off the jacket, tug of war style. Apparently this is a technique used in Africa, and it prevents the carcass laying in the dirt. Like I said, I've never done it on anything bigger or tougher, but next time one of you can experiment on a munty let me know if it has any advantage.


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Skinnin Muntjac

Thanks for the advice lads.
It looks like Warm skinning is the way to go.
Beowulf, I have skinned squirrel the way Buckup suggested. Cut round the body after gutting, drive a nail throught the trousers bit into your workbench and pull the front end. A tasty bit of meat with a nutty flavour. ;) ;)