Sold: Sleeper WSM


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Winchester Coyote Light 325 (8mm) WSM made in 2005.
The only shoot ever been through it was the proof shot, it has never been fired in anger.
If you like odd calibers this is the one for you.
The rifle comes with 350 new winchester cases, 150 ish bullets and a set of redding reloading dies ( full, neck and seating )
A new would cost you arround £750 without the loading stuff.
The rifle is push feed and comes with 30mm rings and bases as in the photo, the scope, bipod and muzzle break are not included.
Total cost for the lot £675 20220429_140543[1].jpg 20220429_140618[1].jpg 20220429_135455[1].jpg 20220429_135440[1].jpg
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