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anyone know where i can get a rifle slip over 50' and 11' wide.
seen a slip on the DBS SHOP site ,any one got one.


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Hi Mate,
Check out Bushwear, my mate just got one of there rucksack slips ,i think it's 54 x 12 with loads of pockets, looks good and is practical.
Hope this helps


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Forest Lodge Gunshop Wragby Lincolnshire!
They have a chap who will custom make slips , I had one plenty of pockets ,for binos ect . Worth a look.


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Just a word on the gunslip/rucksack

It's well padded and has plenty pockets for kit however if you are planning to walk with it on the hill, I find it is too low and your heels hit of the muzzle end , there is no adjustment to make it rite. It'll drive you mad!!!

I use the double slings from bushwear and have them fitted to by canvas rifle slip. it takes the rifle with bipod and mod. you hardly know you are carrying it , it's also great just straight onto the rifle.


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Hi all

Just a quick comment on the gunslip/rucksack. Bambislayer is indeed correct it has ample storage, padding etc and is good for transporting the rifle in the vehicle but is not up to use on the hill. Apart from the position of the straps the buckles are made of plastic designed with a plastic retaining catch which detatch themselves very easily. Apart from this the only other downside is its bulk, it takes up a h**l of a lot of boot space.



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Tolley - sorry for the delay - I've been away.

They have a good understanding of the physics of carrying a rifle, because the weight is taken by a "corner pocket" - the butt is not resting on the zip.

I think the padding is adequate - the slip is 50mm "thick" and the padding is not too soft - and the manufacturing quality is spot-on.

But time and usage will tell!

All the best,

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