Small permission at 15 acres worked well

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I was contacted by a farmer who had 3 small undisturbed fields away from his farm that was only 15 acres, I was a little reluctant to go and see it as its a 60 mile round trip, but I met him there in early May, almost surrounded by a third parties wood I couldn't believe it when just as he described there were a herd of reds, all hinds.
I explained as soon as the stags come into season I would return, so I went there last night, not easy shooting as its difficult to get a safe back stop. A single hind came out which was safe, typical, but down the bottom I could see antlers appearing, up came a pricket and 5 stags, one was huge but all unsafe.
The pricket went out of sight but the stags came towards me, although they looked straight at me I didn't budge and they kept feeding, in the end I had to bark at them otherwise they would have walked into me, so I took out the smallest of the bunch, job done .243 strikes again.
Only 15 acres but I will be back!


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Just goes to show sometimes you just don't need 10,000 acres to have an enjoyable day.....good luck...and safe hunting.


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Its always surprising how productive these small pockets of land can be. I have one spot which boarders a large estate, and is regularly visited by transient reds! Im hoping to get after them more over the winter. Its no more than 30 acres set between a few large woods
This is a great 15 acres, having a bit of success this week, i found this stag with his hinds, terrible weather at the time, strong wind and was lashing with rain just before i found him, they were lying down weathering the storm in the lee of the forest, all i could see was his antlers, then he decided to stand up, broadside shot at 170 yards off my sticks, on bullet impact he ran off with the hinds for about 70 yards and then keeled over, dead as a dodo.
This is the second stag i have taken off this permission, total, 4 visits to date.
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exellent it doesn't matter how small the ground if they want to be on it to feed your sorted, atb wayne
exellent it doesn't matter how small the ground if they want to be on it to feed your sorted, atb wayne
And this is the place i planned on using your high seat Wayne, but the ground was so wet i decided against driving over, but later i had to pick up the beast, it was a challenge but the truck made it, just!