Small stalking backpack or belt kit recommendations?


82D582A2-9F9F-4FED-A7C4-E855B7CCB901.jpeg Not sure how you carry your binos but I really like my chest binocular pouch. I use Alaska Guide Creations. I carry 10x42 binos, rangefinder, compass, knife, trajectory sheet, lighter, calls, wind checker, extra cartridges, and I’m sure some other stuff on occasion. Been using one for about 8 years now. Carries well and I know if I grab my rifle and my chest pack I have everything I need for a day hunt minus a bottle of water.


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Likewise. But then I couldn't use my nifty chest pack as well.:)
Very true.

I tend to stick things like the wind checker (talcum.....not a wet finger!) and buttolo call in my pocket, and given most of my stalking is woodland I don't really have the need for rangefinder, trajectory sheets, etc.

We all build up the kit we see as "essential" over time, and there are few short cuts to finding out what works best for you personally.


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Hello mate, I’ve been using this Harkila backpack for 2-3 years now which I think is fantastic for stalking. It keeps all my essential gear and not heavy at all. I put a eye glass case next to it so that you can find out the size.


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I’ve been using a simple bumbag for a few years now and it’s ok but when it’s really wet it’s amazing how heavy it is and I carry the bare essentials , I was thinking about a rucksack but will it interfere with carrying my rifle . It’s open hill stalking so the rifle can be on my shoulder for a couple of hrs . Also considered getting braces .
Hello I use a cheapo off eBay quite narrow but everything fits in it 2knives flask first aid gloves and I bought a waterproof duffel bag from Aldi that is my roe bag that rolls up inside Also head torch


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I picked up a 2nd hand maxpedition veripack jumbo s type (over right shoulder so left handed). Only used it once but seems to be a very useful bit of kit. Seems very well made and strong and is big enough for essentials and some. Also nice to have one strap to keep it off the shooting shoulder and also a hip band to support the weight. So far I’d recommend it


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Personally I use a badlands monster for solo stuff where I’m bringing abstraction gear and lunch and coats ect. For guided stalking just a lighter single bag on a belt. Each to his own though it’s a very personal thing how you carry your gear.