Small world


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Not a great deal to do with stalking I know, but as most will know the hunting and stalking world is a very small one.

As many know I curate and now completely manage a large museum with international collections of big game. About 2 weeks ago my PA asked me if it was ok for a man from Africa who had just published a book on hunting Lion , if he could drop by to see the collection whilst we were shut. I obliged as usual, althoguh I was fairly busy at the time. Imagine my suprise to see Gordon Cundill when I opened the door.

I hunted with his outfitt Hunters Africa in 1990 with my american friend MA who I had also lost touch with, since he moved out of the UK and back across the pond. Gordon Cundill had a fairly bad accident before our arrival in 1990 in a Landrover and was hospitalised for sometime. He has just written a book I think called "Some Lions I have known" published by Rowland Ward. Imagine also my suprise when i received a free copy in the post, which I have at the museum, hence my not being to sure of the title.

Yesterday my old friend from the States MA, found me after searching for sometime and I recieved an Email from him. Now living in Utah, we have another invite to visit for a holiday.

Life, like stalking can be full of suprises :D


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Yes, life is full of surprises Malcom and when you least expect it too. ;) I`m Glad you have made contact again. :lol:
Does make you wonder if our lives are somehow mapped out, and it was always going to happen. :eek: .