Smocks... £250-300 what would you buy?


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Im looking for something with the following features:
  • Tough, my kit takes abuse, thorns, muck, blood, etc...
  • Breathable or ability to ventilate (underarm zips, etc)
  • Neoprene cuffs (I don't like velcro)
  • Long rear for sitting on
  • Silent fabric
  • Bino pouch on front and hand warmer pockets
  • Not heavy when wet (if it's chucking it down I often hide under trees or get back in the motor)
I currently have a falling apart rivers west hill pro smock which is great other than the fabric breathability and warmth when walking (which then means I hear up and need the breathability).


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A hilltrek, and have it made to your spec.
Running one for 2 years now. It’s great.


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Have a good look at Fortis - excellent gear and they will probably make what you want if they don't have a stock item meeting your requirements. And they're a British company manufacturing in the UK.