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hello all

just a few line to give a bit of advice that my save your dog if bitten by an adder .

a few days ago a good friend of mines spaniel got bit on the face buy an adder, the dogs face swole up like a football and the dog started to go down hill fast and pass out by luck and he was not far from the car and luckeley a vets was close by. the vet treated the dog who is now on the road to recovery.

the vet told my friend to keep with him some form of allergy tablet like "piriton" and in the event of you or the dog getting bitten crush the tablet and take immedatly the talet will slow down the snake bite symptoms and reduce the chance of anaphylactic shock . YOU WILL STILL NEED TO BE TREATED FOR THE ADDRER BITE the tablet just slows down the bits symptoms and gives you a bit more time

due to the raised number of adders i have seen so far this year i now keep a tablet gaffa tapped to the dogs collars and a couple in my pocket when out walking....neil


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snake bite

hi have only just joined this site but saw your post my lab got bit on stomach last year had to carry her miles got her to a vet and they sorted her nearly lost her took over a week for her to eat only problem is it has made her very nervous still works ok just shows snakes can be a problem on the moors in warm weather thanks the atom


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Very valid points there gents , I nearly stepped on a Adder last week , sunning itself on a log , about a foot long and it just went into a hole !My actual first encounter , and I was suprised .I will soon be getting my pup so it is interesting advise , thanks


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Good advice, I have been up on the Stiperstones today, i had the wife and daughter with me, picking Winberrys for a pie.
I had to pack up when i found a pair of adders. the missus would kill me if anyone got bit.
They were the first Adders i have seen in 4 years and i haven't seen a slow worm since i was a kid.

I didn't take the dog today as i was thinking about him getting bit and me not knowing what to do.



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next time anychance of a few pics
i love adders and this warm weather will bring them out in force :lol:
all we hav on our farm is grass snakes and common browns


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Hello ezzy

Be careful when u are around stiperstones!!!!

I knew a keeper who lived and shot there a few years ago
a real NUTTER.


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Moosehunter, I know him as well and your right, he's as mad as a flask of chips.

rarms, yes stiperstones near minsterley.

Stone, i did have a go with my mobile but they didn't come out very well.
if i'd have thought about it i'd have used the missuses phone as it's better and i know how to get the photos onto the pc.
When my brother was in his teens he used to catch them and bring them home to show me, that would be 25 years ago.
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