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hello all

just a few line to give a bit of advice that my save your dog if bitten by an adder .

a few days ago a good friend of mines spaniel got bit on the face buy an adder, the dogs face swole up like a football and the dog started to go down hill fast and pass out by luck and he was not far from the car and luckeley a vets was close by. the vet treated the dog who is now on the road to recovery.

the vet told my friend to keep with him some form of allergy tablet like "piriton" and in the event of you or the dog getting bitten crush the tablet and take immedatly the talet will slow down the snake bite symptoms and reduce the chance of anaphylactic shock . YOU WILL STILL NEED TO BE TREATED FOR THE ADDRER BITE the tablet just slows down the bits symptoms and gives you a bit more time

due to the raised number of adders i have seen so far this year i now keep a tablet gaffa tapped to the dogs collars and a couple in my pocket when out walking....neil


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many thanks neil for that,
i also presume the same would work in us humans aswell could help save us or our children one day, if not stalking we also walk in such places for family outings
any chance you may be able to get a pic to go with this as that may help to identify a potential problem

Andy L

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How often do you see Adders? I have not seen one in my area for about 7 years.
My spaniel often kills grass snakes but luckily he has not come across an adder. It is amazing to watch when he finds a grass snake. He grabs it and shakes it then jumps back as if he knows that it could have the potential to do him some damage. He then repeats the process until the poor old snake stops moving! It is obviously an ability that has been passed down through his genes. Murderous little bugger!!


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My daft dog often finds grass snakes and does the same thing Andy barks at it then jumps backwards , never seen him kill one tho..
we do have adders here but seldom see them

I have heard with humans though it is rare that you get anythings other than anti histamines for the bite as it can be as bad to get the anti venom reaction as the venom itself..
Exceptions being animals and small children.. came from a doctor who shot with us a few years ago, as to validity of the advice would check it if I was to rely on it.