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today i had a big decision to make
a friend of mine who i take out stalking a lot on my ground has had several dealings with the farmer and his family where i stalk and do the vermin control, so when the farmers son asked him if he would take him out lamping my mate's reply was 'of course as i do a lot of lamping and stalking and i would only be to happy to take you' or words to that effect
so following a phone call to my mate to invite him stalking this was what he told me
so a few choice words to my mate, to put him in the picture,and some prompt action now required as this could turn ugly if the family find out that my mate can't take their lad out because of me
i also can't fall out with my mate either as that would also ruin relations between myself and the farmer and also my mate
my mate only offerd i think just to keep in with the farmer so his dealings with him did not falter , but what a problem this may cause , so today i hav offered to teach the farmers son about shooting and stalking and hav a lot less dealings with this so called mate
i hope he thinks his actions are worth it as he will get no more stalking or lamping vermin off me


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Stone mate your friend is a complete arsehole! The thing is you may loose the ground to the farmer's son anyway once he is old enough to go stalking alone, the seed has been well and truly planted. Your fair weathered friend has Royally buggered you up and knows it too! Haven't you told him to keep his nose out before?


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Hmm been here before. Stone although we have yet to meet in person I am sorry to hear that you have been taken for a ride. I have had people go behind my back in the past, and now I am ultra careful about who I mix and deal with.

I would have a long word with the farmer, but as Mr B has alreday pointed son x rifle x deer = lost ground.

I had some Fallow stalking locally about 2 years back. Rent £1 a year for 300 acres. Sheep farmer became estate manager bought a 22 and shotgun then 243 rifle. Farm manager x 243 x deer = lost ground. I could see it coming a mile away, but in this case could do nothing, mind you its shot out now, so he is as popular as a fart in a space suit with the local surrounding estates.

Keep your ground mate, tell your so called good friend to find a hole to jump in ;)


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sikamalc said:
Keep your ground mate, tell your so called good friend to find a hole to jump in ;)

Either that mate, or me and the boys can go round and pay him a visit ;)
You know, just a friendly, keep the f*** of my ground you low life
b******, :mad: sorry, just reminds me of past experiences.



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Whats wrong with a bit of middle age spread i ask :D :D Its my winter coat ive got on stone thats all. Im a real stud muffin under my clothes really..... :eek: Anyway id sit on the ba##ard for you no problem :D
I had pretty much done the same to me on some ground in bedfordshire 10 years ago & it stinks when it happens.
You try & help some folk out & all they do is sh#t on ya.
Well stone mate i would give him a good piece of my mind if it was me.
With mates like that who needs enemies :evil:


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Don't ya just love when life jumps up and bites you in the arse. Stone it is a bugger mate the best thing you can do is just what you are, be as nice as you can about, be firm enough to make your point and remember, it's a big wheel that don't go round twice!

If that don't work you can always fall back to the fat friends offer :eek:



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At first I read the post and thought this sounds so familiar, my girlfriends brother has a little shooting on a couple of local farms.
I originally went there with the brother and his mate, said mate was working at the farm doing small jobs and they started a small shoot, put a few birds down, and all shared costs, we had some great days then the "mate" decided to cut out her indoors brother and try to sell days greedy sh*t
However this "mate* turns out to be a real pratt beat up his partner, lost his guns fell ot with farmer then moved on to the other farm where our boy has his rimmy FAC land wheedled his way in there with the farmer and intimidated her brother and he won't go there now so I am trying to sort him out with my neighbour who has a lot of bunnies on their land.
And who I helped pull his stuck cattle trailer out of the mire behind our place tonight :lol: so should be a done deal now...
There are some kin great holes from the tractor wheels Stone fit a couple of "mates" in nicely they can keep each other company lots


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You have got no choice, you will have to take him out with you (the farmers son,not your mate)
Make sure it's pi##ing down when you do and (if you are lamping)

get him to open and close all the gates!!!

If he's not that keen he won't bother again but if he is..... you might be screwed

Permission is hard to get but like falling off a log to lose

Kindest Regards,



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hi all ,
i hav sorted most of it, yes i hav to take the lad out but it will be on my terms not my mates, so as he is only 15, i can imprint the values of the game on him and that way, it is all stacked in my favour for now ,
as for my mate he has no chance of taking him lamping now as the lads father is now on my side and as for the deer side of things the lad and his father knows he will hav to learn from scratch before he even pulls the trigger so along as he learns the values of management and freindship , then when he is old enough, we may become stalking partners and both of us should be able to stalk the same ground with no bother
as from today i am now his mentor and my mate is still my mate but with out the stalking thrown in for free


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Your "mate" sounds like a treacherous renegade that is unable to find his own land to shoot on, and values your stalking land way above the value of your friendship.
Start drinking Carling and "know who your mates are".

I would get rid of this desperado without further ado, he aint a mate. he's an oppertunistic theif.
Needs a slap, and to be taught some manners


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mates.... ha pick them well.

A while ago when i started i spoke to a local keeper who invited me to stalk on his land. He told me a colleague of mine was already on the ground. I contaxcted this colleage and asked him if i could go with him a bit and learn some skills and in return any new ground we would share..... ok seems like agood deal? so i went out with this fellow constable a few times and i actively sought ground for us both to stalk over.

At the same time I paid for a trip with a pro stalker. During this trip and due to buck fever and inexperience i missed the one shot i had.

I returned home and talked to my "friend" told him what had happenned.

A week or so later i went for a coffee at the keepers place and he said that i couldn't shoot on there due to my dangerous actions on my away day!!!! i was gob smacked. My "friend" had stitched me up well and truly. he had been round and told this keeper a load of **** to lose me the permission.

However i now have gained 3000+ acres of ground since then (of varying quality) and he is on none of it now.

this rat is also a police officer

be guarded.


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They always say there is honour amongst theives but you can never trust a copper should know that being in the job


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i must say guys this copper thing looks like its country wide ,
as my mate is an ex police chief constable , so if you are looking my good mate this is all because of you and we hav been good mates nearly 10 years


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Hi Stone, a long time friend did the same to me; it certainly stings more when a mate double-crosses you.The farmer happened to mention my (so called) mate and another guy had been to the farm and said i`d given them my permission to go shooting. Lying b***ards!


Trouble is it makes you over cautious, to the detriment of possibly some good guys


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legaleagle69 said:
See Stone told you so
okay okay,
but after todays performance the farmers son learnt loads of me and his parents are even more gratefull
but still we hav to remember that our sport will only survive if the next generation carry it it on


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Stone you still need to be careful. You never know, it may just back fire!

You aint out of the woods yet!

As for helping all the little children, next generation of stalkers etc.....I think I'm gonna be sick! :lol: