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norma 308

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I've sat here at breakfast thinking about deer and stalking as you do and realised that I have been stalking just a matter of moments compared to some guys I stalk with and consider my friends I've totalled up thier stalking experience years .
these are four gentleman I've stalked with in the last month or two and it totals 150 years give or take now thats a lot of experience of deer management at home and abroad as one is German .
the knowledge you can gleen from these guys is amazing two of which visit this site you know who you are guys .Thankyou
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Well said!
Its an enormous experience you get through being out with friends in foreign areas, countries, hunting grounds!
Something I will never ever miss!
And it all went that way through swap hunts, through SD.... Thanks to all of you!

​As we would say: Waidmannsdank!

norma 308

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I am no way dissing proper paper qualifications but over one and a half centuries of deer management coupled with estate management ,keepering ,pest control ,government politics, punt gunning the list goes on .these guys in one weekend give you so much to think about and question it's like a constant dsc course .
my advise to anyone wishing to learn more and more is get out with guys that really have been there and done it .
its not easy and when I talk to them they are not fools and will spot ******** from a million miles away so be honest with your experience and hopefully one will take you under thier wing so to speak .hunting with other people is a wonderful experience and hunting alone with no one to share those times must be very lonely .

David T

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It is fantastic that you have them to help and support you. I lost my friend to cancer in 8 weeks and buried him last Friday. Allan taught me more about deer, the hills and nature than anyone else. Guys like this are an incredible source of knowledge and experience and to find some that are prepared to help you along your way is an honour and privilege.

It is important that we now pass that knowledge on to those that look to us for guidance and support.
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