So what happened?


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Last night I tried to log on under my usual user name Bobt

I keep getting a message saying you have been banned,

no reason,

I know a couple of weeks ago, I had a message from someone asking if I was posting on another forum slagging this one off,

as I said then and say again now, it isnt me, I emailed the admin yesterday to this effect, but have not had the decency of a reply,

am I to be found guilty for someone else using the same username (probably a troll?) without being asked?

I suppose this account will be banned now?

if so at least have the decency to tell me why.


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Your frustration can be fully understood, and to some extent your anger and this post. However according to my records it is not quite correct. You did e-mail yesterday, and I replied to you, yesterday morning at 0939 to be precise. I explained the reason for the action taken.

There was a bobt on Guntrader who was obviously a troll, using bobt as a log in name. The same thing happened on Centrefire UK and it had all the hallmarks of being one of our better known and more persistent trolls.

If you care to reregister using a different name, I have your e-mail address, so I can ensure that you are registered no bother. I can only apologise about this, but we have to be so careful with these idiotic trolls.

So, although it is not ideal, at the time it was considered the prudent thing to do, once again all I can do is apologise on behalf of the Admin team.


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I never received any email.

as you say someone using my login registerd on another forum,
as I previously told you its not me, I have met Rob the founder of the site, and got along fine, My question was why ban me rather than just contact me?

thinking about it anyone could register any of the names here onto another forum, do we visit them all? I know I only visit a few shooting ones and a few land rover ones.

it all seems a bit heavy handed.


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Hi Bob.
Just to outline things, I never had a BobT troll on CentrefireUK but a certain

"person" started trouble by slagging off CentrefireUK and Stalking Directory
on Guntrader.

It had been going on for weeks and I had enough of it and so did The Admin here.

I know for a fact that you were contacted weeks ago by this Admin, and they did not receive a satisfactory response.

The two sites are part of an anti troll program, and work very closely together.
Let Admin do their jobs and I am sure this situation can be sorted out one way or another.


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poddle said:
Hi Bob.

I know for a fact that you were contacted weeks ago by this Admin, and they did not receive a satisfactory response.

I thought my responce of "not me bud" and "I have never been on the other site" was adequate,
if you wanted a sworn afidavit I suppose I could have done one :rolleyes:

please unblock my IP address so I can register on my pc rather than the laptop I am currently on.


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I think you will find that Malcolms apology was accepted GrantOliver.

And I hope my explanation helped Bobtail to understand why the situation occurred. I think all are happy. BobT has been vindicated, and an apology given

With all due respect Grant, what has it got to do with you? I seem to remember you getting involved last time there was a Troll on the site, he was ultimately banned, but had you jumping to his defence just prior to that.
That incident sent this site reeling, and cost it very good members and upset very good moderators that had been working very hard with me behind the scenes to keep the site clean

You may like to sit back and think of the trouble that pratt caused on the site, and now that Malcolm and JayB own the site, have other interests to protect. They are justified in being cautious.

I suggest that you allow those Moderators to carry on with Troll control, and maybe you could carry on with talking about shooting, which is the whole ethos of the site in fact.


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I had a Troll on my site called 300WSM, It was Harry using your name,
I banned him
You were never accused or even contacted. Like I said, please let the Mods get on with their jobs.


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If a new web site opens it may be worth registering as your usual user name to ensure that some troll doesn't hijack your name and sully it on that site.



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Name hijacking is yet another problem, we have to deal with Dave.

Had I not banned 300WSM then this 300WSM would be in exactly the same position now as BobT, trying to vindicate himself

I am sure you can remember the "sunshade" incident on CFUK I think you had a little chat with him., He was also busy slagging off other sites, under 300WSM's name. This site in actual fact.

The mods really are trying to protect the reputations of the sites and their members, and EVEN members of other sites, that are NOT members of the site involved.


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You are being picky GrantOliver.

Keep going mate, you will have another meltdown on your hands,
Maybe you should ask Malcolm to make you a MOD for a while, see how you get on, See if you can further propagate the site for him.

How about Grant as a Mod Malc? do you think he might be ok, he certainly has some "fresh and liberal" ideas on moderation



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As far as I am concerned it is no ones business but the owners of this site. We are trying to ensure that this site is enjoyed by all, and that Trolls are kept off.

Grant you know why Bobt was called into question and he was Pm'ed by me and Emailed by JAYB, although it apperas he did not get the email :confused: I dont know why.

His identity had been stolen and used on another site buy a Troll. Bobt has been contacted and he is free to re register, no one is stopping him.

I am not prepared to discuss this any further, it is the business of the Admin team to try and keep this site clear of Trolls, Bobt has been apologised to and I fail to see why it should involve anyone else.


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All I ask is that I am UNBANNED as Bobt

you have my phone number if you want to ask me if I am posting on any other forums. :rolleyes:

It would appear that the email sent didnt arrive and I was sent a PM which I cannot read as I am banned?

can this be the end to it all?


Name Sharing

It seems that this is new and will be used certainly by trolls causing trouble. So it would seem even more important not to jump on the site band waggon but pass on information that can be used if the same user name reacts in a negative manner then deal with it but not until then . Puddle if you ban some one on your site that is your prerogative but to get every one to jump on the same boat is foolish and if malc done this at your request i am stunned .I hope bobt is happy with his apology and i hope that this situation will lead to better response to Trolls not a knee jerk reaction.


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Bob, I am sure that Admin will reinstate your rightful position.

Just give them time to sort it out.

Blodwen Price

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If thats the way you want it to be played SikaMalc (and why not, it's your site after all) then can I suggest a separate Admin forum thread, only open to Admin and the relevant member, whilst this topic is in the General Discussion thread then it's quite reasonable that all members post their thoughts/opinions.


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6.5 I had nothing to do with the banning of BobT, that was a decision made by this Admin, drawn from their own conclusions, and from responses received or not received.

BobT is not a member on my site and I was unable to help vindicate him or indite him, for want of better words.

The subject matter has really come off course if you ask me, and despite the Admins apology, and my attempts to explain the fine line that the mods have to tread, still the mods and admin attract criticism.

As Bob has asked for the matter to be dropped I suggest we respect his wishes.