So what is a fair price ?.


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Having not really ever had to pay for stalking and noticing a lot of HOT discussion on the topic it got me thinking !!!

What is a fair price all in for stalking accompanied on roe doe's ??.

Obviously the cheaper the better and all that but what do you guys pay on a regular basis ??.



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Alright Ads,
I help my mate out on a big estate and they charge £130 before vat, but for that you can shoot as many does as you can find and hinds as well if they are required to come off. No additional fees, unless a carcass is a complete write off.

I have helped him with clients on the bucks, they are priced per outing or day, there are no trophy fees and there are no additional charges for shooting a buck. Again, there is an additional charge if the deer is lost with injury or damaged beyond sale.




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Near me its £90 per outing with no trophy fee, the carcass of course is extra if you want it, but still very reasonably priced.



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Cor, what a question! This is going to generate as much forum thread as "which is the best deer calibre" and "how long is a long range shot"!!!

When it comes to commercial stalking the easy answer to "what is a fair price" is "what the market will pay" ;) Joking aside, commercial stalking is no different to football games, concert tickets, world commodity prices, etc. The vendor is looking to cover costs and make a profit (sometimes reasonable, sometimes not) while the buyer is attaching a price to an experience, transitory or otherwise.

Also "the cheaper the better" can be countered by "pay cheap, pay twice" ;) Paying cheap only applies if the product you're getting is the same. If you went out all day having paid nothing and saw nothing, you'd get bored of it pretty quick. I'd rather pay a bit more knowing there was a chance of seeing something! So "cheaper is better" only applies if the two places you're comparing for stalking have similar deer counts, cull plans, shots/guest, etc. Even then, if the person guiding you is only interested in getting your sights lined up on a beast as quickly as possible, I wouldn't want that if it was free!

Like the definitions of "fair" and "ethical", what's cheap to one person is expensive to another.

Let me give you an example. I've been charged £200 per day for hill stalking when the only beasts we saw were disappearing over the march. The stalker obviously felt bad about things, and was reluctant to take the moneny, but I'd had a great day and, so far as no beasts, that's stalking. Given the experience, £200 still seemed pretty reasonable to me. Of course I could have negotiated a fee per beast, which would have been great for me but bad for the stalker as he would have received nothing. The point I'm making is that the perception of "what is fair" is down to the individual.

Where I stalk down south the costs for guests are £50 per outing, with a discount for people who come back regularly. Then there is a variable fee per beast by sex/species shot - basically £20 or £40 for does and bucks respectively. The cost per buck does go up if you want a trophy, but not to silly money. There is a high percentage of repeat guests, which I guess signifies something.

I mention "silly money" as I have seen places that charge per CIC point, which can get very expensive. I know your question was about roe does, but I have been quoted £600 for a gold medal cwd and significantly more than that for a gold medal roebuck (assuming you take 130 points as the lower limit for gold). Personally I don't care about trophies, I am more interested in managing deer, but there are people out there who want a wall-hanger whatever the cost. But I guess that's where the saying "a fool and his money are easily parted" came from, or is that just my perception ;)



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You have asked a question that is very close to the root of all evil in stalking, money! willie_gunn has summed it all up very neatly really and does not leave a lot to say. Big money syndicates are responsible for buying up a lot of leases and making it impossible for your average working man with a family to get a look in, hence the fierce arguments over the price of a days stalking.

I shall now get in a shameless plug for our own brand new lease in the Highlands. It is only small a forestry block of about 250 acres. I shall have the lease signed by next April, the start of the buck season, at the minute I am hoping that the prices will be very cheap per day, buck or does whatever is in season, plus £35 if you want to keep the beast.

This is exclusively for site members, if you are experienced you can go on your own, if you need help we can sort that. Our hope is that it will be somewhere that people can get some stalking cheaply, get a start cheaply, try a day just to see if they like it, get a witnessed stalk cheaply, all we can do to help this sport of ours cheaply.

You can bring the family to the Highlands for a holiday and slip in some stalking as well, come on your own or with pals for a few days stalking, all permutations catered for. Even this will probably be a rip off for some people :eek:

Having got the advertising plug in, I now have to issue a warning, I can advertise the site stalking on here no problem at all, however this thread is not an open invitation to advertise your wares for free, it is very unfair to paying advertisers. :) :)