so what next?


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Hi all ,

I have been asked to cull some boar but it is all new to me and i have not yet seen any! I have visited the farm 6 times since 7th August 08 and shot 1 fox 1 stag and 1 roe buck.(ihave been asked to shoot these aswell)
I have stalked for about the last 18 years about 2/3 times a week. This is just to let you know that i am a experianced stalker.
These boar were released about 2/3 years ago and have bred they seem to live in the woods and travel to and fro using thick hedges as roads rather than travelling across open ground. They use the same routes as red and roe deer that live there aswell , do they get on with deer well and what about foxes are they too small to present a problem to boar?
The boar have a series of wallows (not the same ones used by deer) and then they rub against the trees laeving a muddy tide line about 18" high .
I have heard that you can call boar up! is this true? if so where can i get a call?
Should i start lamping them?Is that legal, remember i have been asked to take care of a problem as with all my perms and i feel an obligation to carry that out thoroughly. wind rain or shine.

Can i sell the carcass? Presuming i get one the first one would butchered by myself split between me and the farmer. What is the best way of butchering?

In all i have sooo many questions .

I would truely appreciate any advice given.

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If you are a member of BASC you should call their Deer Management Dept. They should be able to tell you all you need to know.


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I'm sure that Wayne Davies will be along pretty soon, he will keep you right. He has been known to take or two of these beasties.



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Many thanks for your replys, the link was especially helpful although i now have a headache! Will try again in the morning if their is more fresh sign but i dont see them, lamping might be the way to go. :evil: Yes Wayne has been in touch and been very helpful :lol:


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i love that part of the country and know a few tricks about boar
if you need any help , i am always obliging to help :lol:
like as help a fellow stalker in need :lol: :lol:


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got lucky

Hi guys , got lucky saturday morning had three bore :lol: i guess its just a case keep trying until you succeed. Although i do not think for one second that i know it all now. Wayne was a great help many thanks ;) And stone thanks for offer of help but its one of those places only a small farm takes about 1/2 an hour to go around but somtimes red roe and bore on it but most times nothing not much cover around. You would end up doing alot of running around for nothing.atb


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well done cervus for your determination, as it has obviously paid of ,
i know wayne will only give you sound advice,;)
as for me
can't blame a guy for trying :lol:
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