Soft sentence for possession of a stolen S.5 firearm!


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I very much doubt that
The MDP have the same powers as a County Police Officer in certain areas and when not in those areas, know enough Common Law to carry out an arrest if the crime warrants it and the sentence had nothing to do with a dodgy hand shake. Incidentally, the MDP are the only fully firearms trained Police Officers in UK.
I have noticed quite a few firearms offences reported in the press recently and all the sentences were abysmal.
Short prison sentences then suspended or a fine and a few hours Community Service.
Knife crime is being taken more serious than firearms at the moment it seems.

shakey jake

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just checked and i was wrong confussing rmp with mdp, they are police, i guess the system is either flawed or crocked


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Stolen between 1998 and 2016, 2 Accuracy International sniper rifles as well as an SA80 - someone pulled their cabinet off the wall and away with the mixer 18 years ago !!!!!!
I would say they should be shot with the SA80 but then they'd get off scot free at more than 100yds.

Rusty Gate

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You'd think someone responsible in the base woukd be in equally hot water for losing such an item. What would happen at inspection time with your FEO, you open your cabinet &...... hang on wernt there four in there last time or was it five? Can't see that being let slide.


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Here we go again slate the police off. Does anybody know if they were deactivated rifles?.
Surely if they were deactivated rifles they couldn't have been charged with the offences they were. So it's pretty clear they were intact rifles.
It's pretty hard to imagine what mitigation there can be for an unlicensed adult and former policeman to have a stolen rifle stored unsecured in their home long term.

starr shot

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If they were active rifles then yes they should have been given the full force of the law.Still remains to be seen what sentence Laidler gets.As for being treated with kid gloves a lot of offences recently in S&A area that have come to court have seen the officers lose jobs and pensions which is right if found guilty but for a civilian on a similar charge would only probably get a fine and community service .


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As said above they could possibly be decommissioned weapons. Esp with the very large date that they could have gone missing. If all still serviceable there would have been quantity check every day with 100% serial number check once per week and an external audit once per year.
In regards to destroying weapons parts I was allowed to do that. They get cut up with a gas axe boxed up and shipped back as weapons scrap. Yes in theory you could build a gun of some sort from the spare/old parts however there’s always one item of a weapon that can’t be destroyed and is the part that is accountable for on a units accounts and on an SA80 that is the whole trigger mechanism housing.

These guys seem like a couple of clowns trying to line their pockets. It’s happened with night vision and thermal in the past too. Even down to the cleaning kits you see on eBay.
I once had to decommission an AK47 for my boss that he had as a leaving present from 22SAS in Iraq. He had it lay in his garage for over ten years. And now it’s no more than an ornament.