Soft vs Hollow point

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Hi all,

I'm about to get some 87gr heads.

The last time I used soft points.

What are you thoughts on my trying hollow points this time around?

Are there any advantages of one over the other ?

I note hornady hollows points are Boat Tails, the soft points are not.

Are HP longer than the same weight soft points? My rifle has a 1:9 twist.

They are for Roe.



Richard Parsons

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My only experience with hollows is on foxes (.223) and it just cut them in half....not nice at all. Only use lead soft point now.


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Re: hollow

dieseldan said:
Are hollow points not Match Bullets,

Target only?????

No, although a lot of people use them as such - and many people reckon they should be best kept for target shooting. I just wanted other's opinions.


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Hi Snowstorm, I have used both in my .243. The .243 Win was primarily a Varmint round in good old US of A.
They are accurate rounds and good on foxes, but a bit explosive on roe. So much so that the last roe heart shot I had with this round gave bruising pretty well doun the full length of the flank on the exit side.
I then went to Sierra 100 grainers and experienced much less meat damage.
Don't know whether you re-load yourself but with N160 or IMR4064 you still get around 3000FPS whic is plenty fast enough.
The Lucky Hunter