Soldier murdered on our streets....

UK Outfitters
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paul o'

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:evil: is he in f***ing cuckoo land glad i never voted for the tosser !!!! ukip is a start is he out to slap us in the face just like that other tossers blair and his wife !!


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so do any of you have a drink on st Patrick's day, or have you forgot the lives taken by the Irish, small minded bigots, close this thread before it brings out the worst in people of this site.:evil:


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Why don't someone blow them up guy Fawkes had the right idea politicians are as corrupt now as the Barons & lords they replaced!
If your realy out there join the Northwest Frontline :british:

The deer man

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Infidull & Infidumb!

Someone tell me this is a very clever wind-up!

Interestingly I wrote to our main local political parties earlier this year on a shooting related issue and the only reply I got was from UKIP.


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Whilst I fully support all our armed service personal past and present and the daily sacrifice they make to keep our country a safe one, this type of thread is nothing to do with deer stalking and management.

We seem to end up with strong comments such as alluding to blowing up parliament similar to Guy Fawkes attempt. I would only WARN all those who make such stupid open comments on an open forum such as this site that this site along with many others is patrolled by the authorities.

And before anyone thinks otherwise.....................that is a fact, it also could bring the site into disrepute.

Therefore this thread is closed.
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