Some interesting safari pics

Leica Amplus 6


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Bored out of my mind at work, so I thought that I would share these pics from last year's trip to KwaZulu. There's always something interesting to look at on safari!

This first shot shows a home-made hyaena trap. This species is protected, but my host had a special permit to control them, as he seemed to have an awful lot on his patch. Every night, we could hear them yipping and howling near our lodge at sundown.


The second picture shows the remains of a Model T Ford, rusting in the bush. How it got to Africa and what happened to the owner is a mystery.


Finally, a vulture feeding station. Vultures need bone fragments to make their egg shells hard but in a managed landscape like South Africa, fallen stock is quickly cleared away. The landowner therefore dumps animal remains here as a conservation measure.



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Many thanks for sharing these pics.

I'm off to ZA next week, but only for work I'm afraid. If I could find somewhere good to hunt (or fish) within easy reach of J'burg then I might be tempted.

Guess I'll have to arrange a special trip just for hunting ;)



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Great photo of the "vulture McDonalds". I saw a smaller one in the Drakensberg a few years back, and a lammagar? (bearded vulture) dropping bones from about 500 feet, amazing.
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