some people do the most stupid things!

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After seeing a few fox cubs about near the wood where our pheasant pen is i decided to go and sit for a fox the other night with the .243, sat in the landy looking down a 250m stretch of blackthorn hedge, good backstop at the bottom. At about 20.30 hrs saw a vixen running back into the woods carring a chicken in her mouth (taken from my neighbouring permission, organic chicken about £10 in value!). didn’t take shot, she was moving too fast and i wanted to see her entry point for future reference. At about 21.30 hrs some cubs came out but they were in a slight dip, i could just see their ears moving around, scope gave up before they revealed themselves fully.

Decided to try last night, positioned so i could see into the dip. When i got there i spotted our keepers son in law and his mate walking around the top of the wood with a shotgun and Rimfire. They had been pigeon shooting and were off home. I told them where i was going, where i would be sitting, where the cubs would be, i even showed them the .308 and the 150gn soft points (decided to take that as the scope on it is better at last light than the .243 scope, and i was hoping to shoot at 100m, possibly through some longish grass, and you can never have enough gun!!). so i sat for a while (about 30 mins) when to my surprise i saw a head pop out of the woods, exactly where i was expecting the cubs to appear. Yes, you’ve guessed it, keepers son in law crawled out followed by his mate! Their excuse was that they had decided to try and get the foxes. What more can i say, some people...

Fox came out at 21.25 running, didn’t pause for the squeak, returned at 21.50 not carrying food, but was over boundary so i couldn’t shoot. no sign of cubs, I will be back!!


It only takes a small amount to disturb foxes and by that time its to late the vixen and cubs will set up some were else. Sad you worked so hard and it could all be waisted with some one just not thinking.


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What an idiot.

Easy route to heaven:

1. Find out where a shooter is waiting in ambush.

2. Sneak up and stick your head out right where he is watching for something to shoot.

Good job most shooters, clearly yourself included, follow the safety rules fo target ID.

Beggars belief.