Some video from yesterdays outing


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We went out yesterday over to swindon on some ground we left alone for the spring, we were there last in febuary and how its changed, on my side of the road well the side that i was stalking last night it was wall to wall rape, about 300 acres of the stuff and although there was plenty of signs i didnt see nowt but hares.

On the way back i was still stalking but didnt hold out any hope of joy but as i rounded a corner i spyed a red flash just in side the rapes edge, a doe was browsing on the plant with its back to me and slowley turned and walked towards me, so i swapped the binos for the camera and took a few pics of her

I also took some video of her but just as she was making her way from me a little buck turned up, i quickly made the decision to try and get some film of him and the see if i could get the shot later, HOPE THIS WORKS......


Little Terry

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Re: interesting

swampy said:
great vid. it is interesting that buck is clearly eating the rape flowers
I've seen them walking about in rape plenty of times, but never eating it. I didn't think they would. Doesn't it affect them in some way - thinking back to my DSC1 days now...... :eek:


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Well boys you know he wont eat any more :D :D
Here is his mate she had to go home on her own though last night...

You had me all conservationist for a while wayne, then after the memory card filled up he was still hanging round, so the job had to be done, then twank had a muntjac buck so not a bad evening in the end....



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Very good photos and video Apollo, I could watch those Roe all day. :D It all goes to make this site better and more informative.

Thank you. ;)


Hi apollo great photos and vid. I think Roe are wonderful to watch. Is that a Howa your using. Would be interested in what calibre and round your putting through it.


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Wayne mate we dont have any pigs this time of year, the grounds to hard, have you seen many up your way???

Hi Grant, yes its a howa 1500 in 308 and its shooting 150 grain sierras with 47,5 grains of BLC2, used for everything from fox to boar, i have just perchased a 220 swift for the muntjac but that is stuck in the bowells of litts gun shop......
Hi Eddie
Went and had a look last night after stalking all quiet but the farmer had been spraying????? dont think that hepled.
On the one patch we got a real good whiff of boar one had been about, we know we have a new Boar working the area so just a matter of time :rolleyes: We got a resident sow so hopefully she will keep attracting the Boar :evil:


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I know it wont be long before you get back into them, we are off to near cirencester this afternoon after dropping off the proceeds from last week..
I'm at work at the moment, :cry: we had a Munty buck last night at Birdlip. :D
Might have a look tonight at a new bit of ground I picked up yesterday, only a couple of miles from home. I saw a Munty and a roe doe there yeaterday when I walked the boudries at 10.30am so hoping to see a bit more towards dusk.

Good luck tonight