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That's a nice piece of land to call your own, very nice. With regard to where the deer is, the more I looked the more I saw, silly is it not, in the end I will plump for, two thirds along from the left of the bottom of the photo. Then up to the first tree that has guard on it, fairly large leaning to the right, to the right of the tree, almost touching it, just above the guard looks as if it could be the rear end of a red hind, walking away from you.

This is where you tell me you only have muntjac, and I go and find some stronger glasses> :eek: :eek: :eek:


PS it's away to the left isn't it behind that dyke, go on you can tell me, strictest confidence, will not go out of the County.


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You must have good eyes I can't see a red deer there! not hidden behind the wall either. Wish I did have reds there - quite a thought to be stalking an animal that's capable of stalking you!

There are only Roe (rumour has it the fallow are moving in from the west though). I can't even give you a clue without giving it away.

Imagine its real life, you emerge from the trees, look for deer and what do you look for first befor egetting into detailed scanning - it's not camouflaged.


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hi snowstorm
just a thought about your browse line
as you hav bracken growing at the base of the tree , you will probaly find the bracken has stunted any new growth and the lack of light from the bracken has killed the lower branches off almost upto the height of the bracken
it looks like a great piece of ground and the pics show it off brilliantly, may be a touch of the envys at this stage
the one things i look for when emerging into a new piece of ground like that
(1) which xmas tree will be coming back with me closer to the time :lol:
but i don't recommend having a sitka spruce unless you hav cats and kids :lol:


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Don't have to tell me about the Sitka, matey! I'm the one who has to drag the brashings out. After a while your skin turns into leather and you don't bleed so much. I use welding gloves, honestly.

You can see deer damage everywhere really, fortunately its on the edges only as the trees are so thick.

Bracken fighting is an ongoing issue, it doesnt really get going up there till mid june, then its gone by end of autumn, so its not there for long. I have earmarked zones to cut it out/bruise, do that twice a year for 3-5 years and they should stay clear. Dont want to use weedkiller. Nor do I want to get rid of it all because the root system is so extensive it prevents erosion.

Shame deer dont eat it. I have thought about having some goats up there, see if they'll eat it. We had a few when I was growing up and they ate everything but the rocks. One got into my uncle's pickup once and ate the tax disc and plastic holder before we could stop it.

I have told all of the family and friends they can have a tree every year if they want to come and get it, dont know how many will fancy being up there mid december after work with a chainsaw!


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i hav a tip for you about the rash you get all up your forarms after a days draggind and working amongst the trees, on the night , half fill the sink with hot water and imerse your arms into it :evil: :lol: , that will kill or cure :rolleyes:
20 years ago we were knocking bracken over 2-3 times a year on YTS for the FC since then i hav moved on ,but the bracken kept coming back :cry: ,the other day i read an article that the FC are doing trials with asulox , to controll bracken
we used this chemical many years back on the farm i now work on and it certainly reduced the time and cost spent tackling the stuff in time something else will grow in its place which will help prevent erosion, mainly grass
just a shame you hav to spend so much time working in the bracken and flies right in the middle of the buck season :lol:
enjoy, hav fun and maybe even stand guard over the work force rifle in hand :evil: :lol: :lol:


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Location of the deer

Hint : for the deer look at where the wall turns sharply.

Hi Stone, As for the work force - that's me! Plenty of the nearest and dearest turn up when I have the digger out doing drainage ditches and they can have a blast on a JCB, but when it comes to work without fun they always seem to have prior comittments!

Bracken is odd stuff, easy to cut as it puts up individual fronds, it's not that dense but the leaves are so big that as soon as it was cut it was strangling the strimmer so I used the brush cutter instead and had better luck with that.

Interesting what you say about asulox - is that licenced/trade only? and is it bracken specific.

I also wondered, that since bracken share a common root system, how many plants do you need to treat ? e.g. if you treat one do all its neighbours die as well?


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hi snowstorm
asulox is what we normaly use for docks(dockleaf) as with most chemicals you need to registre with a supplier
we use hills of ledbury( herefordshire)
but if you get on with a local farm supplies then they should be able to help or a local crop grower
i shall hav a look for the article on it and also see what our chemical consult has to say on the matter regarding times of year and mixing recomendation
as for coverage you can just use a knapsack sprayer and and it kills only the bracken what the chemical touches, if i hav a container at work i shall pull of the to do list on it and give you a better details on it


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Hi snowstorm
Asulux an't cheap and you can't use it near water courses, it's something we looked at on a grouse moor i keepered on part time
It needs to be used when the bracken has grown but the fonds are just starting to open then it will need to be reapplied the following year if you contact the game concervancy they will be able to help you


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That's useful - thanks for the input - I don't mind doing the spraying but access to the stuff is an issue clearly.

I dont want to go mad with the roundup which kills everything !


paul k

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I'm with JayB on the deer. The tree furthest to the right of the foreground trees with guards on seems to have a deer sideways on to the right of it facing left with nose in line with the trunk.


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Is this the culprit!!




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Thats the one!

However, I am now convinced it is an optical illusion! caused by the burn bending sharply, but at the time I was deer daft.

I meant to thank tartan jock for his artwork as well, but he posted it when I was on my hols and I missed it.
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