Something bigger than a .270

Ive got a 308 ,22-250 and now getting a 243...think if id had a 270 maybe my cabinet be a bit tidier !!!! Its nice having the right tool for the Job, but you never have the right cal when you need it !!!


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Ive got a 308 ,22-250 and now getting a 243...think if id had a 270 maybe my cabinet be a bit tidier !!!! Its nice having the right tool for the Job, but you never have the right cal when you need it !!!
Obviously you’ve never had a 7x57! Always the right cal when you need it


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Anyone who can do basic german, watch this at minute 11.55 for his comments
this dog nachsuchen worker Helmut Schulze is the one of best in germany does around 270 searches per year and he mentions on the video about thick pills (fat bullets) a uni thesis was done with 500 nachsuchen and the finding was that bullet size played a secondary role to bullet placement.
Very interesting video @Bavarianbrit, had to get a colleague to translate and the message was loud and clear! I'd love to get my hands on that thesis, would be very interesting. If you know how to get it, please let me know. The message was very similar to that Carolina research paper on whitetails - placement is everything, everything else is secondary.

Doubt you'll get much recognition of the message though, as it flies in the face of some of the "bigger must be better" illogic that is thrown around here.

@tonyshooter... I don't know much about wild boar in the UK, how big they get, etc, or how you intend to shoot them (driven, over bait, etc). You certainly don't need a more powerful rifle than you already have to shoot red deer, so I assume it is the boar that is motivating you for something new? Or maybe you just feel like a change.

It would be a good idea to read @Laurie's comments in post #148 here, regarding the relationship between power, recoil and accuracy, always something to take into account when looking to move up. On Aussie pigs - all running as we chased them on quads and bikes - I mostly used a Ruger M77 Hawkeye in .35 Whelan, which was what I was given to use, I had no choice in the matter. It was selected by the owner to cover large pigs, scrub cattle, camels, donkeys and the occasional buffalo. It was a very effective cartridge to say the least. Best shot standing and offhand, it could be a handful sitting on the quad if your body was turned so the gun was pointing to 10 or 2 o'clock. I had a very sore shoulder after a week of that rifle, but I loved it.

However, another member of the party - a licensed pest controller - used a SKS and the 7.62x39 and shot pigs sitting on his motorbike, and believe me he shot twice as many as the rest of us as he was the only one with a semi-auto. And there was not a jot of difference in the manner in which the pigs went down, when the were hit right they died, when they weren't, it took a while.

That time in Queensland was a really good example of the relationship between power, recoil on the one hand, accuracy and effectiveness on the other.

For what it's worth, take a look at the pigs in this short clip, I filmed these week before last on our block. They are typical feral pigs, the first two black ones are young pigs. The ginger razorback boar was later shot on a deer carcass, through the shoulders with a good exit, using a 7mm08 and the 140gr Sierra HPBT. It collapsed in a heap and rolled down the hill. Range was around 150m-ish. Any of the full power cartridges shooting a sensible harder 130-165gr bullet at full speed would do the same, you don't need a howitzer for pigs, just skill and the right temperament. Good luck with your new rifle!

.270 is the the lowest recommended cal in the UK for boar. I’ve heard tales of many calibre doing little to boar if it’s hit in the areas around the shoulder.


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I thought of this post when idly looking at Husqvarna / Gustav / Zoli 1900 rifles for sale (I am a little obsessed). Bumped into a new old stock 300 WM Zoli and nearly new 7mm rem mag Zoli at Kranks for very little money considering the quality of the rifles if anyone is thinking of a bigger boomer.

Wish I had a need for a 300 WM simply because I fancy another 1900 and I don’t have a Zoli version yet!


A .270 with a good quality 150gr bullet should do the job. The average person is probably using a 150gr bullet in their .308 anyway.The .270 should have a good BC compared to the same weight bullet in a .308 , giving good penetration. I have a 30-06 and have taken both bushpig and warthog with bullets ranging from 150 gr to 200 gr. In fact my biggest warthog to date was taken with a .303 using 150 gr bullets. However....we all need an excuse to buy another rifle.


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Theres basically naff all difference between .270 and .30-06 as they're the same case but one is necked to .27 and the other to .30! Apart from a marginally better BC (which is only going to come into play at longer range) I cant see what the difference would be between a 150gn .270 and a 150gn .30-06.

If you have a .270 already then I would say go big and get a magnum, and the .300WM would be perfect. Plus with a WM you can load it down to .308 or .30-06 velocities if you wish to but you can also stoke it right up to full power.

I love my win mag, it always puts a smile on my face and is definitely my favourite rifle :D

The other great option (though not one I have personal experience of) is .375 H&H - I have a few mates who have them and they love them. Others to look at are .300 RUM, .338 Win Mag or any of the other .300-and-up cartridges mentioned here.


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.35 Whelen. Fantastic round. Easy to make the cases if you can't buy them. The .35W will smack you in the face with the best of em!
A big range of projectiles if you are willing to drop the powder charge and go to a .357 pill (just for mucking around).
I've loaded 118gn .357 pills for a laugh and .358 225gn Sierra Soft Points for serious clout.
I don't think there is anything in Europe or Nth America it can't take down with certainty.
Totally agree, My Ruger #1 35 Whelen is my favourite rifle it’s a 30.06 with attitude love it ...


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You don't need anything bigger than 270 for the uk, if you "want" something that's a different matter and you go for it and good luck to you, just as an aside that Franz Albrecht fella that does all the driven wild boar on you tube, his go to rifle is a Sauer 202 in 270, just need to watch his vids to see how good they are on the Boar.

Atb scoby270


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For interest's sake, Prince F. A. O-S uses a bunch of different rifles. I've got a DVD here of him using .270, 7x64 and 7mm Rem Mag, and that's the ones I can remember. From this, one can infer that they all do the job, and that one is no better than the other, the differentiating factor is the bloke pulling the trigger!

alberta boy

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300wm or a cartridge I was recently educated on....
Both are very capable big game cartridges . I've owned and used a few myself . I had a Brno 602 in 8X68 for a number of years that was close to perfect for longer range shots on Elk . A very old friend talked me out of it and I've been looking for another ever since . I'm a great believer in 8mm cartridges , I would happily use an 8X57 for everything here , but the 68 is a far more versatile round ............ actually , I can't disagree with any of the above posts lol .



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I think Franz Albrecht Shoots the rifle and caliber that his sponsors give him. Is he not sponsored by Merkel and Aimpoint at the moment?


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I think Franz Albrecht Shoots the rifle and caliber that his sponsors give him. Is he not sponsored by Merkel and Aimpoint at the moment?
Totally agree, same for the ammunition he promotes. The problem for people watching him, and basing their purchase choice on him, is EVERYTHING he uses works, when you can shoot as he does !

However, these threads always lose their way, forgetting what type of hunting the rifle/calibre will be used for. Static/stalking, is VERY different to driven.