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Well, I have been coming to Namibia for 21 years now, hence its surprise to anyone that I love the place. Amazing hunting, fishing in unique sceneries it really has so much to offer. This time around I have been in the country for 5 months and a lot has happened but i do not think I have experienced quite as much packed into a few days as last weekend. We stumbled upon a Corrie Bustard nest with 2 eggs in it, followed a family of Bat eared Jackals (super cool beasties), had a 1.7m Cape Cobra join us for Braai, enjoyed watching a local hunter take an impressive left and right- a 38" bull and 41" female Oryx. Not to mention some spectacular sunsets complete with spellbinding electrical storms, I could go on.
A first for me was happening across a young male Giraffe very recently killed in a fight with a, one would assume, a much larger adversary. I have included some photos of the poor animals (very) broken neck. Never underestimate any animal out here in Africa.
If anyone is interested in a safari, first timer or experienced African hunter please get in touch to discuss.


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Ha Ha, someone has to be keeping an eye on things. We have had some of the best rains ever and the bush is looking amazing!
I am envious 🤬. Last year was written off. it was saddening to see the effects of the drought in 2019. Areas I had been in the year before were desolate, nothing growing. Sadly it looks like this year is a write off as well. Currently we (in Ireland) are banned from non essential travel.
My only hope is that the vaccine rollout speeds up and we can look forward to enjoying life again.


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Yes had 3 week trip to Namibia booked March/April last year returning to the same reserv we had hunted previous year, missed getting out by a few days as they closed Johannesburg airport. Just as well we didn’t get there or it may have turned in to an even longer trip than yours


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Very nice pics. As we are legally banned from travelling on holiday, it may be some time before you get any UK customers.

Looks like you're enjoying it and unless you have £1750 to waste on a 3 star enforced hotel for 10 days, I wouldn't bother coming home any time soon!

Stay well.


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Ha Ha, someone has to be keeping an eye on things. We have had some of the best rains ever and the bush is looking amazing!
Yes I was booked to go last year and have been watching the rain situation since 2019. I was so looking forward to seeing Namibia after some good rains. I have been going to Namibia since 2000 and would love to see surface water in the riverbeds!


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I've been to Namibia twice in the past. It's a beautiful country. I'd love to go back but finances and age preclude that!
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