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Hi all me and a couple mates are trying to make a hunting channel and page on YouTube and Facebook please like and subscribe on YouTube and comment and look us up on Facebook under PRECISION SHOOTER and we will add you there you will finer videos of hunts we have done on the deer and fox's fairly new so not much at the moment but bear with us we are planning a lot of things Regards shippers.


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going out Saturday on the roe and fallow so hopefully will have a new video not long after
Good luck on Saturday shippers2

I've got a Guy out on sat morning for his first ever fallow stalk, hopefully we can get him a good start for 2015.

all the best, look forward to the successful video.



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It was sky lined. No backstop but trees. Doesnt look good in vid
I was about 5m up in a high seat shooting down and behind the animal is about another 30m of green before u get to the wood the angle of the camera dose not show this the shot would not of been taken if not safe
Precision shooter

Hi guys PRECISION SHOOTER is a new up and coming team with a lot of valuable experience, over the next 6 months we will be embarking on creating some very good shooting and field sports videos so stay tuned, please support us on Facebook under PRECISION SHOOTER and also on YouTube.


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Can I give you some constructive criticism ?

Sort out your spelling and grammar.
A lot of people won't give it a chance if any text is full of bad spelling and grammar,

"txt spk iz hrd 4 sum ppl 2 reed m8" as an example

If you are shooting from a high seat, show the shot from the seat, so there is little chance of any shot looking unsafe, unlike the video above.

Proof read, and watch, several times with a 'critics' eye before you release anything to the public. And be aware that if there is the slightest hole to pick, it will be picked.

Edit out the shakey camera parts, it looks amateur at best.

And get the fella in the opening titles to remove his 'sab mask' as it makes him look a thug.



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You have a pm again. This appears to be commercial to me, and not what you have told admin. Besides one would think you would have the decency to ask the site owners before posting and self promoting your new site.

I will refer again with my colleagues and co owners, but it does not sit well with me at the moment.
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Give the lad a chance chaps. I found the video good for a first attempt and I've certainly seen a lot worse. Looking forward to seeing some more vids. I'm only just about to start deer stalking so value all the support available be it from you guys or watching vids.

Keep at it precision shooter.


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Thing is we're getting used to watching a passion for deer which is excellent and so well made so most other stuff does look slightly amateur by comparison .
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