sommer & ockenfuß - shorty


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anyone ever even heard of this? I found one for sale at a local gunshop... its a bit expensive and totally alien to me


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Yes they used to sell them in Australia 5 years ago or more. They never sold in big numbers maybe because the design and appearance is so different. They are a bull pup action and I met a guy at the range with one who loved his. It was extremely accurate and fast too reload. It was also very compact and a great pig gun.


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Very short german pump action. Different models of varying engraving. Never was a big seller and company went broke. Normally in 308 to 300 win mag.


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If small n short .....would it make a reasonable deer tracker gun ? Slung over back whilst following dog on a trail?



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the one i see on sale here in Portugal is a shop window/exhibition gun with better walnut and engraving never fired a shot, but the price is baffling for a rifle that if anything goes wrong has no purchasable spare parts... 6000 euros is a bit much i think.
it does look wonderful for chasing boar through the bush though being only 80cm long... would you want to knock a 6000 euro gun through the bush though? wild boar hunting is pretty hands on...

it kind of reminds me of the AUG, would be way better if it were semi auto rather than pump action...
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