Sorry Plug for Gloucester Motorway Services


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If you need Motorway Services around Gloucester or Bristol forget Michael Wood and Strensham.

The new Gloucester Services both North Bound & South Bound are open. They are owned PRIVATELY by the same people that own the UKs first privately owned services at Tebay in Cumbria.

Fantastic farm shop? Butchers, fish mongers, deli, artisan cheese, fresh veg - Boar Cigars etc. etc. etc. I cannot praise these services enough. Everything fresh ie Butchers produce is sourced within 30 miles wherever possible and is of exceptional quality for the price.

Bought a Rump Steak on offer for under £12-00 (cut within 10 minutes by Butcher) - served three (two with not so big appetites and me who likes a horse) - loads - tender, tasty and moreish. Check out their pies - unusual and homemade.

Staff are like Waitrose - cannot do enough. ENJOY.

Be aware - you will spend money.

Cannot recommend this more highly.
Went down to Bristol yesterday to collect another quad and stopped at Michael wood on the way back. 20 mins later went past the new ones .............. gutted :doh:
Nice toilets, but I never buy anything there. Too pricey. Nice bit of stonework at the front.
What motorway services are cheap? But here we are talking quality the boar sausage rolls and the various scotch eggs are lush and a treat unlike a sausage roll you can buy in any newsagents or petrol filling station.
Nice toilets, but I never buy anything there. Too pricey. Nice bit of stonework at the front.

Better bit of CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) and lots of Glulam Beams - dont start me this is the sector I recruit in.

Re: Prices. You have a point as it is definately more expensive than a supermarket. Worth looking at the offers - the rump steak was cheaper than Tesco and much, much nicer. It is easy to blow £40-00 but at least you talk about the meal afterwards! :D
I used to make a point of stopping at Tebay, they're what motorway services should be like.You've no right to expect motorway services to be cheap, their operating costs are too high, but that doesn't preclude a decent standard which is what you get at Tebay. I'll certainly be giving the Gloucester services s try if I'm passing.
I've been watching the new Gloucester services being built whilst travelling to/from a client in Bath, but haven't been that way since they opened - thanks for the heads up.

(Tebay is the 'northern' M6 stop of choice ;))