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Does anyone use those Neoprene "one size fits all" Sound Mod Covers ? Just looking for a bit of protection for my moderators as every time i go out they seem to pick up another scratch, Seen some Garlands and Jack Pyke ones but i dont know anybody who has actually used them, im guessing the ones mentioned are not up to much but just thought i would ask.


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I have used the Bushwear black T8 cover for 10 years now and the mod is unscratched.


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Depending on diameter, I have used inner tubes to good effect - just remove when you are done.


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I have a Garlands one on my MAE mod.I cut it to size and it does a good job. Paul
Same here with my Northstar, there was enough left over to cover my mates ASE ultra too. For me it is for reducing the shine off the mod when lamping and avoiding the metal on metal "clunk" when threading it through the truck window!

Make sure you take it off to dry if you've been out in the rain though!

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Mine is covered with heat shrink, I used to have it in a bit of inner tube but the heat shrink was cheap easy to fit and doesn't shine under a lamp



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I tried fitting the Jack Pike one on my P8. It was like trying to get a condom on an oil barrel! Needless to say it split, I got angry and threw it across the loft. Maybe there was a technique to it that I wasn't aware of. I'm not too bothered about scratches it's more the "ping" it makes when it gently touches a branch or anything else I haven't noticed.


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I bought a neoprene moderator cover (Bushwear) from the dreaded fleabay for my T8. You cut it to length, wrapped it tightly round the mod and fix it with the Velcro strip which runs along its length. The neoprene is slightly thinner than on some moderator covers but it does the job and doesn't look quite so bulky.
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