South Africa hunting 2008

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My mate emailed me today to stay he's got some excess cull animals that need taking off before the end of the season. The prices he has come back with arent too bad. As he's a registered PH/Outfitter you will be able to take your rifles in and he will arrange everything for you (like a normal safari)

Ideally he'd like a group of 2-4 hunters.

Prices and species available are as follows:

4 x Nyala Bulls (R8 000-00ea)
4 x Giraffe (R10 000-00ea)
1 x Zebra (R5 500-00)
6 x Blue Wildebeest Bulls (R3 500-00ea)
3 x Blue Wildebeest Cows (R3 200-00ea)
1 x Kudu Bull (R5 000-00)
3 x Kudu Cows (R4 000-00ea)
6 x Impala Rams (R1 000-00ea)

The prices are in Rands so divide by about 15 to get the sterling prices.

Please PM if you're interested and i'll pass on his details. Note my involvement goe sno further than being a messenger.



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Those are very keen prices folks, very keen indeed!

Just putting my two-bob's worth in, for what that's worth!

Good luck finding some hunters


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I was thinking that they really are quite reasonable, certainly wouldn't want to pay 8 grand to shoot Clarence on Roo's hunt tho

Might get my business partner to give his mum a bell she is high up in the Nature and Conservation? in Namibia, mind you he ain't seen her for years and said she may not be impressed if we turn up with hunting rifles in hand to visit :lol: Germans are always so negative, I told him if Rommel and his mates had been like that they would have never gone to Africa in the first place lots :p
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