Spare magazines for Zastava CZ99 Precision


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Hello All,

I have a Zastava CZ99 Precision (.22 LR) with a bipod and a scope, and a very nice rifle it is.

Does anyone know where I can get spare magazines? I have one 10-round and one 5-round magazines, but it would be nice to be able to load several magazines before the shoot.

I only use it for target shooting at Bisley (no hunting/stalking/rabbit/vermin etc), the plan is to have a pile of magazines at the ready and just concentrate on drilling holes in the paper target... as one does :)

Thank you in advance.
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Have a look on the website it lists spares etc and they have an online shop and email customer services dept so they should point you in the right direction or contact my local stockists Livens of Burton on Trent .Again on the t,interweb they keep various magazines and parts for CZ atb


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Update - I got a reply from (thank you slider), they had one 9-shot magazine in stock and I have ordered it (hopefully they'll get more soon because I am actually after 2 magazines). Apparently original Zastava CZ99 Precision .22 LR magazines are either 5-shot or 9-shot, but not 10-shot, which is fine.