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Well i just bought the next member of the jagare hunting pack. I won't pick him up till the last week in july.

He is a Slovensky Kopov. The kopov is a specialist boar hound that will also drive Red; Fallow. Moose. they must not hunt roe as they are to fast for that type of hunting.

So i will have a lot of training to do over the next year and hopfully he will be ready to hunt boar in the winter of 2009.

I will write more about the Kopov Later.


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I've put Slovensky Kopov into google just to see what these look like as adults. The info is in slovak so i look forward to reading more here


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dogs for deer

I work with a Slovakian vet his family own land out there i asked him about them he said they were very good on boar and hunted them himself at home they let them go in a small pack and they find the boar and hold them at bay untill the hunter gets there and shoots it they also use them for tracking also he said, they come highly recommended and offered me one from his own dogs back home but sadly i had to decline the offer


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The Slovensky Kopov is a dog for boar and large hoofed game hunting.
Its a dog for driviving deer to waiting guns or bringing game to bay. Unlike the spitz type dogs we use here in Sweden it will only hunt for a short while . If it do's not find any game within 10-15 mins it will return to it handler. They will also only drive game for 20 mins or so. kopovs have good orientiering ability and find there way back easily . Where the kopov do's excell is in boar hunting. They are wise enough not to mix it with the boar but keep a safe distance away. They can be tought obedience easily and have good tracking ability.
you must not hunt roe with them as they are to fast for that

The shoot where i hunt my spaniel on pheasants up near Stockholm has Red,fallow,boar and moose on the ground. on a driven day you never know what will appear in front of you. So hopefully winter of 2009 the dog should be hunting. There is a lot of training to do before then me thinks