spit roasting a roe

big eka

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moning all i was wondering has anyone had any experience ,tips or advice on spit roasting a whole roe deer.i am planning to do it tomorrow night,my local butcher has wrapped it in beef fat as its very lean,i dont know how it will take to cook,or cook at all ,should be a good night anyway good freinds,kids,bonfire,shed load of fireworks and hopefully good food. any advice welcome


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best of luck .often thought of doing it with a sika calf ,will you take a pic or two of it hope it works out in this crap weather .

big eka

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spit roasting a roe deer

apart from the weather it went down a treat.i lit the fire about 3.00 using indian stone pallet wood which i got from my local builders yard ,its fntastic its a hardwood it does not smoke or spit.i kept pilling on the wood,so i could get a big layer of embers,then i put a layer of charchole on.stuffed carcas with onions,apples and herbs it took about 2 hours to cook enough to start carve ,then just left it on until rest was cooked .every one said it tasted fantastic,pitty about the fireworks it was to wet so i will wait to new years eve to light them .along with another roe of course.


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Only just stumbled across this post - so apologies that I'm too late to offer suggestions to big eka, but might be useful for others...

The best way to make sure you've got plenty of heat underneath the deer/lamb etc is to have two slightly raised, coarse fire baskets along either side of the spit arrangement. You keep fires going in both sides, adding new wood as needed but allowing chunks of embers to fall through to the ground, which are then raked into the centre. As new wood is added, any smoke rises either side of the deer and doesn't taint the meat.

You can do it without the baskets, just needs a bit more care.


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I was thinking of doing a fallow as a spit roast at a summer bbq this year. 75 what sort of baskets do you think are needed? Bought or made baskets?

Big EKA, did you make your own spit or borrow something? And how did the butcher put the beef fat on it?