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Dear All,

Just a short but sincere note of thanks to the SD, its supporters and the instructors without whom the course I attended at GAP 180 last weekend would not have been possible.

As noted in another thread the course was well put together and was able to cater to the vast range of abilities and knowledge levels of candidates without being overly complex or patronising. A balance which is hard to find in the circumstances.

Pierre, Andrew and James all have different approaches to instruction and training making an excellent team which I would highly recommend to anyone in the future.

Personally I found the course very interesting. It is a basic course however I learnt a lot about species haven't yet had the opportunity to stalk and some about the ones I do. It is by no means a zero to hero course but one that gives good grounding in a sport in which most advancement is through experience in the field. Quite frankly I wish I had done it earlier.

The other great benefit was meeting people with experiences of stalking beasts that I have not yet had the chance to, notably CWD and Sika.

Lastly a massive thanks to Alan for his great food. Really excellent and very filling. I nipped out for a cheeky stalk on the Saturday evening and found myself still full from lunch after finishing up at the chiller at 1030pm leaving only room for a celebratory beer.

Many thanks again,



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Now that's a good write up well-done to the 15 lads and well-done to the new team. :dummy: Wished I could have been there but every one knows I get a nose bleed when I reach Gretna.

jimmy milnes

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Well done to all who attended nd it's nice to hear a good write up.
Ps..... how many cigs did P get through? Think he was on his second pack when I spoke to him and that was 1100 ish on the Saturday !!!


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Congratulations to all who attended and a massive thank you to the Sd team and Site supporters for making the course possible for the candidates who attended.
Was a privilege to run the first Southern Sd bursaried level 1 course with such a tremendous commitment from all candidates

Jimmy the cigs answer is confidential I'm afraid mate.


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I'm glad that all involved enjoyed the experience, hope they enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed reading all about it. A big thank you to all our supporters without whom it would not have been possible.



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Well done guys, and thank you from me to all our supporters and the Gap team for allowing this to go ahead. Just shows you what this site is all about.


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I bet you lads all crapped it when the stone faced Treadaway walked in. He has that official face and manner that lets you know you will be tested to the full :rofl:


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There was a small amount of time where I thought 'f*ck wish I had read the stuff a couple more times' but then is subsided after the shooting test was finished


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Agreed, fantastic weekend all round, great set of lads to share the weekend with and Alan's food is legendary! I put on 5lb over 5 meals!!

Massive thanks to SD and all the SD supporters.