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Which take the most stopping

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Hi all
Having just read the question and answer to "Little but lethal" where a reader questions the abilty of .22 centrefires to stop muntjac effectively, and the answer that if you can stop a roe with a .223 then you can stop a muntjac with no problem (even though the writer has never shot a muntjac)
I thought I would ask others there experiances, allowing that not every shot is perfect, from my own experiances Roe go down a lot easier than Muntjac, the munti's do seem very tough and will go further than Roe with similar shots.
The artical is in Sporting Gun June 2008 page 36.


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l did not vote, but l will say that so far l have not had a problem dropping muntjac, l shoot them with 22.250, 243, and 308, out of those calibres its probably the 243 that l least prefer to use and has probably given me the most runners although l have never had to take a follow up shot with any of the calibres, as has been said before its down to shot placement and using the correct bullet, also as far as the 22.250 l do not shoot them at excessive ranges 75yds max, but in saying all that the last 2 munty l have dropped were both taken with the 308 and dropped on the spot.
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